How to be a Great Gift Giver

Winter Street Hand Carved Stamp Set on Etsy #gift #stockingstuffers #etsy

Have I mentioned how much I love Etsy? Of course it’s where we host our Supermom Coop, but today I’m talking about Etsy as a buyer. It’s like a boutique/vintage shop/flea market/craft fair all rolled into one totally searchable/sortable site. Shopping for cool (and I mean really COOL) gifts has never been so easy!

There are such diverse offerings — you can find just about anything on there. Plus the fact that the items are lovingly handmade by a real person is so thrilling to me. I’ve built quite a favorite’s list in my Etsy account, and every so often when I need a gift, this is the place I start.

With the holidays coming (of course it’s still early, but as a Mom I swear these last few months go by in a blink of an eye), I thought it would be a useful time to remind you about Etsy, and to share these adorable, hand-carved, rubber stamps I discovered. I love the Winter Street set (pictured above) and think this one could be super handy. This or this would make such a cute stocking stuffer.

Now that you know my best gift-giving secret — what’s yours?

Bettijo Bridges

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2 thoughts on “How to be a Great Gift Giver”

  1. My best gift giving secret is Google Contacts! What? You may say. I have a “contact” for each person in my family that is labeled, “Gifts – Daddy” or whatever their name is. Then all through the year as I think of things they may love, or they tell me something they want, I record it here. Because my iPod Touch syncs with Google contacts I ALWAYS have the list with me when I’m shopping, or wherever I am. AND when if come to purchasing things at Christmastime I don’t have to rack my brain too hard…this has helped significantly with the adults on my list as I tend to think of things for them when I’m not under the pressure of giving.

  2. For gifts I use Amazon Prime! Since my parents live in Alaska, I can just send it to them without worrying about going to the post office or shipping costs. Plus, who doesn’t love Amazon!!! You can find anything on there!

    I was thinking you could make a folder on Pinterest for great gift ideas too! I love PInterest!


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