Scrunched Scarves


I know I already posted a handmade gift that involved sewing, so I promise Friday’s post will not require fabric or a sewing machine! Deal? This scarf is so fun, quick and economical, I just had to pass the idea on to you. Plus, this is a handmade gift you can give to all the Supermoms you know.

So I was shopping a few weeks ago and came across several really cool scrunched scarves. In my very Aimee-esque way, I refused to buy them. (I would love to allow myself to buy something I am capable of making, yet for some reason I always deny myself that privilege.) So on the way home I stopped by the fabric store to buy supplies to make some “special recipients” a handmade, scrunched scarf! Of course, I had never used elastic thread before, so I read up a little and went at it. So simple. You can do this even if you think you don’t sew!


You will need:
:: Light-weight fabric (I used knit so I could leave the edges raw)
:: Elastic thread
:: All-purpose thread (that coordinates with your fabric)
:: Yard stick
:: Tailor chalk
:: Hand sewing needle

1 :: Cut your fabric to your preferred length and width. I decided to layer three strips for added fluff, so my pieces were 8”, 6” and 4” wide. Each piece was 72” long.


2 :: Layer your pieces and pin in place. Using your yard stick and tailor chalk, mark your stitching line. I decided to stitch about 1” inside the edges of the 4” wide top piece.


3 :: Loosely wind your bobbin with the elastic thread by hand. Be sure not to stretch the elastic as you’re winding. Use your coordinating all-purpose thread on top and your elastic thread in the bobbin. Set your machine to a long straight stitch.


4 :: Remembering not to back stitch, sew along your chalk line. Repeat with the other chalk line.


5 :: After stitching, use a hand sewing needle to pull the top thread through to the bottom (elastic side) and hand knot with the elastic to prevent unraveling. Trim the thread.


6 :: Fluff and gift!


As with every handmade gift, you can adapt these instructions to fit your needs. Shorten the length to make for a young girl; use several colors and patterns of fabric to add some texture; try this technique on an inexpensive store-bought scarf. Either way, if you make a scarf, let us know!


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