Perfect Father’s Day Activity

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Liam recently turned five and requested a remote control car as one of his gifts. It was among his new favorite toys until last week when it became obsolete after our family outing to RIDEMAKERZ. Have you been there? My boys LOVE it. (And by boys, that includes SuperDad.)


If you’re not familiar, RIDEMAKERZ is the place to build and customize your own car. The shop offers everything—numerous body styles, tires, wheels, sounds, motors and accessories for you to hand-select, so your finished ride is uniquely yours. I know this for a fact because Liam chose to build a Camaro which he tricked out with racing tires, gold wheels, jet engines on the side and police lights on top. Definitely (and thankfully) one of a kind.

Complete Camaro

On the other hand, Harrison fell in love with the entire Disney Pixar Cars series and finally settled on building Lightning McQueen World Grand Prix version from the upcoming Cars 2 movie. (When the helpful shop crew pointed out the shiny paint job and working lights, Harrison decision was made!)

Lightning Mcqueen

Before accessorizing, my boys built their rides. Each building station is outfitted with a hanging drill and with a rubber pad to protect and secure your car during assembly.

Liam Assembly

As a Mom, I can appreciate that every step of the building experience was hands-on for my boys. With the assistance of the shop crew members even Harrison (just 2 years old) worked the drill, snapped on the tires and installed the sound chip. You would think Harrison invented the car with the enthusiasm he has each time he plays with it (numerous times a day) and proceeds to tell the story of how HE built it!

H Assembly

Installing a remote control on your ride is optional, but admittedly, it’s my boys’ favorite feature. After the remote device was installed the boys took their cars for a test spin around the shop. As you can imagine, their navigation skills were shaky at best. Countless crashes later, the rides are still going strong and look brand new. The guys at RIDEMAKERZ told me the cars hold up well… So far so good, yet I’m sure my boys will be testing that statement!

Both Harrison and Liam thought their rides needed turbo engines on top of the hood. The best part about most of the accessories is that they’re magnetic, so they can be easily removed and swapped out.

Before leaving, our rides were safely stored in a box. (That’s one decked out Camaro, yes?)

Pack In Box

If you’re looking for a fun experience and gift for Dad, RIDEMAKERZ is offering an in-store promotion: buy one, get one free during Father’s Day Weekend. Check it out here!

I have a feeling our RIDEMAKERZ cars will continue to rack up some serious mileage—especially with SuperDad this Father’s Day weekend!


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12 thoughts on “Perfect Father’s Day Activity”

  1. What a fun idea! Nice to have a unique father’s day gift that dad and kids can both enjoy together. My kids LOVE Cars so this is perfect!

  2. Wow — AWESOME!!! My hubby had an r/c car business as a child so this is right up his alley and my boys would love it!! Can’t wait to check it out this summer!! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I have to add my commentary here as the Dad in question. This was an absolute blast and one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the chance to do with my boys. The best part is we not only have the memory of the experience, but we still have the cars (which are getting plenty of use). They’re a ton or fun to drive, and they’re actually really fast (translation: I crash a lot). I can’t wait to go do this again. I HIGHLY recommended checking it out if you happen to live near one of their locations.

  4. That is awesome. I know a lot of great guys that would love that. I had no idea that something like that existed. And how fun it looks for the boys!

  5. That’s really cool. The kids will take a lot more ownership in a car that they designed and built themselves, even if they do have jet engines on the side and police lights on top.

  6. Before we had a boy, I decided to buy my husband something boyish he could do with the girls…like get toy bats, ball and remote toys…I bought him a remote helicopter one year that both he and the girls played with for hours! This looks right up his ally. Plus, now that we have a baby boy, I’m sure that he will be into this before we know it!! Thanks for the tip!

  7. This is such a great idea! Who knew Build a Bear could be decked out for the boys! Love it! I can totally see Dads everywhere helping their little boys soup up the engine and add this or that to make it more powerful


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