Ideas to Dress Up Your Bulletin Board

We’ve been working on a fun Craft Room Command Center for a parternship with Tulip Paint, but we couldn’t help sharing a little sneak peek. Be sure to stay tuned for all the details and the big reveal.

Love this DIY Polka Dot Bulletin Board + Cute Inspiration Print #freepritnable via @PaigngSupermom

Want to make these adorable Yarn-covered Push Pins! Tutorial @PagingSupermom

Today we’re sharing a little tutorial for these adorable Yarn-Covered Push Pins. This project is one of those that we stumbled into by accident. As we were gathering things to display on our bulletin board (which I’m sure will very quickly become cluttered with various project inspiration), we were trying to stick with items that were coral, black and white. We couldn’t find push pins in that perfect coral color, but we did have yarn.

Want to make these adorable Yarn-covered Push Pins! Tutorial @PagingSupermom

So Aimée, being the creative genius that she is, whipped up these darling DIY pins simply by wrapping the yarn around the pin a bunch of times then tying off with a square knot. We left the ends long for some extra color. How cute would it be to make a whole set of these Yarn-Covered Push Pins to give as a gift? Especially packaged up with our inspirational printable… or maybe even with a DIY Polka Dot Pin Board (THAT tutorial coming tomorrow!)

Love this DIY Polka Dot Bulletin Board + Yarn-Covered Push Pins = CUTE!!  via @PaigngSupermom

I love the old proverb, “Every Flower Has to Grow Through Dirt.” It reminds me not to get weighed down by wondering, “WHY ME?” Everyone has challenges to face, and everything is something we can overcome. Since the craft room is often where I escape to, I figured this was a perfect place for this little reminder.

Download your free copy of this inspirational printable and put it on your bulletin board, fridge, mirror or anywhere that you’ll see it when you need a boost.

Love this DIY Polka Dot Bulletin Board + Cute Inspiration Print #freepritnable via @PaigngSupermom

:: Download our Free Printable “Every Flower Has to Grow…” Print

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