Recycled Bottle Vase

Growing up in Phoenix I have often heard people talk about how we lack the seasonal changes. It’s true that things are a bit backwards here — barbecues and picnics are Fall and Winter activities for us. Our Fall doesn’t usually arrive until December or January. Of course no one would argue that Arizona is missing Summer, but we also have a very lovely Spring. The array of colors might not be what you’d expect, but the desert in bloom with greens, purples and yellows is a glorious sight!

I think the reason people say Phoenix lacks Spring is because for those living in the Arizona Desert this season does not bring feelings of excitement but rather a sense of foreboding… any day now, those hot summer temperatures could be setting in for good.

How to Make a Salad Dressing Bottle into a Vase at #recycledcraft #DIYvase #spring #mothersday

So for our craft contribution to Raising Arizona Kids magazine this month we shared a fun DIY project that encourages everyone to celebrate Spring while it lasts. We turned an empty salad dressing bottle into a colorful and fun vase.

How to Make a Salad Dressing Bottle into a Vase at #recycledcraft #DIYvase #spring #mothersday

All you need is some craft foam, scissors and a glue gun or glue dots. Get the full instructions over at

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