Farkle Game Set

Farkel Game Set

I have fond memories of playing Farkle with my grandmother as a very young child. Last year a cousin reminded me of the game, and I fell quickly in love again. Farkle is truly fun for all ages, which means it is a great game for families — even my youngest can play. No doubt this game is meant for older players, but kids enjoy simply being included in a grown-up game and they LOVE throwing the dice (just try to keep them on the table!)

These Farkle Game Sets are a cinch to make and fairly inexpensive (I made mine for under $2.50 per set), so they are a great gift to make in bulk for neighbors and friends. All you need is six dice, a container and Farkle game instruction booklet.

DIY Farkle Game

I purchased my fun green dice in a 200-pack on Amazon for about $20, and the shipping was free! That was enough dice to make over 30 game sets. Amazon has smaller packs of dice available, or you could pick some up at a local store.

For the containers I used Grundtal metal tins from Ikea ($8 for a 3 pack). I love that they are magnetic so the game set can be stored on the fridge — that is where we keep our set handy. Plus a little gratifying bonus: I gave these out as gifts last year, and it has been fun when visiting friends this year to see the Farkle games on their refrigerators. If you don’t have an Ikea handy, you could also use a muslin bag or any other cute, little container.

Farkle Game

Finally, download our free, printable instruction booklet template and you’re all set! I printed mine on glossy paper to make it a little more “professional” looking. Be sure to use text-weight paper (not heavy cardstock) so the booklets will fold up nicely without cracking.

12 thoughts on “Farkle Game Set”

  1. This is such a perfect family gift. We have our game from Bettijo on our kitchen magnet board, so we’re always ready for a fierce game of FARKLE. Thanks, Bettijo!

  2. I’m making these for neighbor gifts this year. I found my metal tins at Michaels for .99 cents and my dice were .12 cents each. Thanks so much- you’ve saved me!

  3. We call this game ten thousand, but when our kids open this they will know what it is and be tickled to pieces to have one!! Thanks for this gift idea!!

  4. This is absolutely amazing. I had decided a while back to include Farkle games in our hotel welcome bags for our upcoming wedding because it is our favorite game. I had got the dice on Amazon as well and used favor bags from Michaels. All I needed was an instruction booklet and I stumbled upon your site. Super helpful and exactly what I needed.


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