Paging All Grandparents

Any Grandparents out there need a perfect gift for their grandchild? I have just the right thing…

Recordable Storybooks

Have you seen these? Hallmark offers recordable stories. Grandparents can read stories to their grandchildren thousands of miles away, on-demand. I absolutely love this. Can you think of anything more precious?

While I haven’t tried using the recordable storybooks, the idea is so amazing. If you click over, be sure to browse the entire collection. Hallmark offers classics such as The Night Before Christmas, Counting Kisses, Hey Diddle Diddle and Guess How Much I Love You. Looks like the same Hallmark books are sold on Amazon as well.

Papa? Are you reading? Liam and Harrison want this!


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4 thoughts on “Paging All Grandparents”

  1. Also great for Aunts with nieces & nephews far away! And they have non-Christmas ones too for year-round! I got my niece & nephew “All the Ways I Love You” for Christmas!


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