Smart Cookies!

Cookie Collage031

Liam starts kindergarten next week. Although I am not looking forward to it, I am doing my best to stay tear-free and positive about this new chapter. So, as part of our school countdown, we made and delivered cookies to some neighborhood friends!

We simply made our favorite cookies, stacked them in a jar and packaged them with our free Smart Cookie Printable and torn fabric scraps. Next to making eating the cookies, tearing the fabric into strips was definitely my boys’ favorite part—and I love the resulting frayed edges!


To personalize each cookie jar Liam traced the canning lid onto coordinating paper then cut out the circle. I helped him write personalized messages to his friends, and he signed each topper. A quick drive through the neighborhood on our way to the pool, suddenly kindergarten is starting to sound a little more exciting—at least to Liam!

By the way, this same concept can be used with store bought cookies, jarred cookie mix or even cookies from your freezer!


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4 thoughts on “Smart Cookies!”

  1. Such a great idea! We’ll be borrowing this idea to do this weekend!! I love the red circle label on top. With the tracing, handwriting and cutting it also is good practice to get their skills dusted off and ready for school. And being a perfectionist I totally appreciate that since the edges will be covered with the lid, my kiddos really *can* cut it out and it will still look finished — genius!! I think YOU are the smart cookie ;)


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