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Every so often I get an idea that makes me downright giddy with excitement, and that’s what happened a few years ago when I came across pineapples on sale at my local market and decided to make them our family Christmas gifts. I bought three cases of them, went straight home and made this cute gift tag for the pineapples featuring “Mele Kalikimaka,” which is the Hawaiian way of saying, “Merry Christmas!”

FREE Printable Mele Kalikimaka Pineapple Christmas Gift Tag via @PagingSupermom
FREE Printable Mele Kalikimaka Christmas Gift Tag for Christmas Pineapple via @PagingSupermom

The pineapples were such a huge hit with everybody, and honestly I wish I could come up with a new idea that is equally cool for us to give this year. Of course I am sharing my free printable. If you’ve been looking for an easy, inexpensive yet impressive neighbor gift then HERE IT IS! Get the free download by filling out the form at the bottom of this post

If you’ve been looking for an easy, inexpensive yet impressive neighbor gift then HERE IT IS!

Did you know that Pineapples are an international symbol of hospitality. Plus I can’t help but feel like their bumpy exterior is remarkably like a pinecone. All the more reason why they’ll make the perfect Christmas gift for your neighbors and friends this year!

Free Mele Kalikimaka Gift Tag for Pineapple - Easy Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas via @PagingSupermom

I tried tying these “Mele Kalikimaka” gift tags onto the pineapples with raffia and white grosgrain ribbon. They both were so cute, and it was a tough decision, but I had tons of 7/8-inch white grosgrain ribbon so that swayed my decision. Just do whichever is easiest for you — they both will look darling!

Give Christmas Pineapples with FREE Mele Kalikimaka Gift Tag via @PagingSupermom

How to Add Your Name to the “Mele Kalikimaka” Gift Tags

The one hiccup I had, I was planning to use a white pen to add our name to the gift tag, but the white ink kept weirdly absorbing into the red tag. I think it’s because I was using an inkjet printer. I was fairly annoyed because I really didn’t love the look of the black pen, but lucky for you I figured out how to make the “Mele Kalikimaka” gift tag template editable! Now you can type in your families name before you print out the tags. Your name gets to be white AND you don’t have to write it a bunch of times… I’m kind of jealous of you LOL! ;)

First, fill out the form at the end of this post to download the free “Mele Kalikimaka” gift tag template. Then to edit these tags, all you need is the free Adobe Reader, which you probably already have installed on your computer. Once you’ve got the file open, just click in the highlighted area and type your name. It couldn’t be easier — in fact you’ll only have to do it in one of the fields, and it will auto-fill the other three!

Free EDITABLE "Mele Kalikimaka" Pineapple Christmas Gift Tag via @PagingSupermom

Some useful tips… I lucked into finding an amazing deal on pineapples at my local grocery store. I ended up purchasing about 30 of them for less than a dollar each, so be sure to check your grocery ads! Since I bought so many of them, they let me take the pineapples home in a box, which was so convenient. Just talk to the produce person because they’re usually so helpful. Also once you buy the Pineapples, know that you’ll need to get these delivered to the recipients within 3-4 days or the Pineapples might get over ripe.

Once you buy the Pineapples, know that you’ll need to get these delivered to the recipients within 3-4 days.

FREE Printable "Mele Kalikimaka" Pineapple Christmas Gift Tag via @PagingSupermom

More Easy Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas

If pineapples aren’t really your thing here’s some other easy and fun Christmas gift ideas for neighbors and friends. The Merry Minestrone is like bringing all your friends dinner — you’ll definitely be their super hero.

Click a number below to find out more about that project and get the free printable template:

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