Super-tips for Teaching Kids to Ride a Bike

Tips for teaching a child to ride a bike at

Hello! I’m Nikkala of The Crafting Chicks, visiting today with some Super-tips on how to teach your child to ride a bike. Riding a bike is a rite of passage for kids, but teaching them how to ride falls on the parents. It would definitely be a Supermom Moment when you watch your kiddo riding around without training wheels! Here is the method I used to teach my kid’s to ride without any scraped knees — it’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s frustration free!

Tips for teaching a child to ride a bike at

Of course you’ll need a bike. You’ve seen those cool-looking balance bikes, and instead of buying one, here is how to convert a traditional bike into a DIY balance bike. Just a regular, old bike will do. It just needs to be small enough that they can touch flat footed while on it.

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Vacation Photo Super-tips from a Pro

How to get GORGEOUS Beach Vacation Photos at #super-tip

Hello there! Erika here, visiting from Yellow Pear. I am a photographer and love to photograph my family’s adventures. I have a few super tips for photographing your summer vacations.

How to get GORGEOUS Vacation Photos at #super-tip
(Chicago-Navy Pier, Sept. 2012)

Photographing vacations involves telling a story with your camera. The goal is to capture the feelings, sights, and emotions of the trip so you can look back and remember. In creating a complete story, it’s helpful to have a variety of shots. Focus on gathering an assortment of candid, detail, posed and wide shots. Don’t forget to get in the photos yourself, and remember to balance your time between enjoying your vacation and photographing it.

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5 Super-tips for Traveling with Kids

5 super tips for traveling with kids at #supertips

Hi Paging Supermom friends! I’m Kirstin, half of the sister team that blogs at kojodesigns and Shiny Happy Sprinkles, and I’m thrilled to be here today. See, we love summer. And we love traveling as a family! In fact, last summer, we went on a five-week family trip to Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

5 super tips for traveling with kids at #supertips

Since our kids were 4 years old and 20 months old at the time, we gathered some really fantastic tips for traveling with kids. And today I’m here to share my top five with you.

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5 Super-tips for Taking Better Photos

5 Super-Tips for Taking Great Photos of your Kids at

Remember Super-tips? This summer Super-tip Tuesday is returning with ideas and advice from some fellow mom bloggers. We’re so excited to share their tips with you. To start things off we’ve got professional photographer and author Kristen Duke! Off we go…

Hello Super friends! I’m Kristen Duke, and I am delighted to share my super tips for taking pictures of kids. I’ve got four children myself, and they can sometimes be not-so-excited to participate in pictures, but sometimes they love it! Below are some tips to think outside of the “cheese!”

5 Tips for taking better photos of your Kids from a Professional Photographer at

1. Take candid pictures

I can’t emphasize this enough! So many moms pull out the camera, and tell their kids to look up and smile — don’t do that! We’ve got plenty of pictures of their smiling faces, just snap what they are doing with a side view of their cute faces. Whether they are reading a book, jumping rope, or baking in the kitchen, capture the candid moments.

5 Super-Tips for Taking Great Photos of your Kids at

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Pretty Functional

The Prettiest Humidifer & Important Cleaning and use Facts at #humidifiers #babynursery #tutorials

As I’ve mentioned before, this year’s cold and flu season really took a toll on both Aimée and my families. I felt especially bad for little Modette while she had her cold — such a big cough for such a little body. Since there are really no safe over-the-counter cough medicines for children under two, sadly there is not much parents can do to help when baby has a cold. It is hard not to do *something* though and most pediatricians recommend putting a humidifier in baby’s room.

The Prettiest Humidifers & Learn How to Clean a Humidifier at #humidifiers #babynursery #colds

If you’ve ever purchased a humidifier you know there are loads of options. The biggest consideration is whether to buy a Vaporizer -vs- Humidifier.

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No-Sew Chevron Table Runner

Tutorial for kid-friendly and no-sew Table Runner at #centerpiece #tablerunner #partydecor

Today we’re sharing an easy way to perk up a plain white tablecloth. This simple DIY no-sew table runner is made from the laminated chevron fabric from Riley Blake.

Are you familiar with Riley Blake fabrics? Not only do they offer a variety of fun chevron prints–laminated or not, they also have the BEST designs for girl and BOY FABRIC! If you’re a sewing Mom, Nana or Favorite Auntie to a little boy, you know finding cool BOY fabric is nearly impossible. So let me just point out my current favorite: these Pirate Ship and Pirate Skull prints. They’re the perfect combination of awesomely tough and cute. Back to the tutorial…

Tutorial for kid-friendly and no-sew Table Runner at #centerpiece #tablerunner #partydecor #chevron

There are lots of reasons to love this fabric: (1) laminated fabric is wipe-able and totally kid-friendly; (2) lamination resists fraying, so no need to hem the edges of your runner; and (3) the fabulous chevron print!

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Family Picture Inspiration & 3 Big No-Nos

Retro Carnival-themed Family Picture Inspiration Board #familypictures #inspiration #carnival

I love family pictures, and we take one every year. I use the photos to make a New Year’s card to mail to family and friends, but I also use them to print a family calendar and a large canvas for above our fireplace.

Here is a peak at the inspiration board I’ve created for our family photos this year. I haven’t yet received the pictures back from our photographer, but if you follow me on Instagram you probably caught a peak at our photo shoot a couple weeks ago. (Keep reading for my three rules of family photos.)

Three Tips for Better Family Pictures #familypictures #inspiration #phototips

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