Books Alive – Julius, Baby of the World

Baby Doll Blanket Tutorial

Today we have the talented Melissa from the Polka Dot Chair visiting with a little basic sewing tutorial for her Books Alive project.

Hello! I’ve had so much fun following along with the Books Alive series here at Paging Supermom this summer. Even though my kids are older now, I still love a good children’s book. When my kids were little we tried to read to them as much as possible. Some nights it went well, other nights not so much.

After we had our first daughter, we struggled with fertility problems for a few years. My oldest daughter was almost six when her twin siblings were born and was quite used to being the only kid around for a while. Overall she had a great transition to sibling”hood” but there were a few bumps along the way.

Which brings us to one of my absolute favorite books, Julius, the Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes. Lilly (of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, another AWESOME book) has a baby brother and does not adjust well to his presence. She says mean words to him while he’s sleeping and warns pregnant mothers that they will regret their baby bumps. She also spends more time than usual in her “uncooperative” chair. In the end she comes around to the idea of a baby brother, but the way that she deals with him early in the book is absolutely hilarious!

Easy Doll Blanket Tutorial via @PagingSupermom #sewing

Reading this book again reminded me how it can be sometimes hard for older siblings when new babies come home. There is so much love and attention focused on the baby, and I can see why they sometimes feel left out.

I always love giving handmade baby gifts, so I thought that maybe it would be fun to give a handmade gift to a sibling instead. So, for my Books Alive project, today I’m sharing with you how to make this very simple self binding receiving blanket that’s the perfect size for a baby doll! This is a VERY simple sewing project, so simple in fact that older kids could sew one themselves with just a little bit of help.

Easy Doll Blanket Tutorial via @PagingSupermom #sewing

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How to Make a Mobile

Galaxy Star Mobile 1

I am so excited to finally share Baby Rockwell’s nursery makeover with you. We’ve had a few delays, but I just put the finishing touches on things, and I’m happy to report that Mr. R loves his room (Thank you Land of Nod!) Today I get to share his favorite detail of the moment — the Galaxy Star Mobile we created to hang above the crib.

DIY Mobile Tutorial at

Rockwell seems to have no choice but to stare into the Star Mobile with wonder and awe, while I scurry around after Modette who is shamelessly tearing the room apart faster than I can put it together. No wonder it has been so hard to get the place photographed! (Hopefully this week!)

DIY Mobile Tutorial at

Using leftover American Crafts Cardstock and Glitter Paper from our Glitter Academy project, and my Cricut Expression 2, I cut out 140+ of stars in about an hour (WAAAAY better than by hand!). To make a mobile you will also need a few No. 12 Screw Eyes, fishing line, and two 3/8-inch, square, wood dowels cut down to 22-inches. (If you ask, the hardware store will usually cut them down for free.)

DIY Mobile Tutorial at

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Instagram-Friendly Project Life Kit

Projectlife Just Add Color Hsn 18

We’ve become a little obsessed with Project Life, and I know we’ve shared quite a few posts lately (in fact we have a Project Life giveaway ending soon so hurry and go enter), but we didn’t want any of you to miss out on the new, Instagram-friendly Project Life kits that are coming to HSN next week.

New Square Project Life Layouts on HSN via #ProjectLife

We love Instagram, and have been craving Project Life Plastic Pages to accommodate square photos. The new “Just Add Color” Project Life kit features 2×2 and 4×4-sized photo pocket pages and cards. This kit will be exclusive to HSN and a great deal — it will be released September 17th and is expected to sell out very quickly.

We had a sneak peak and are excited to share a few layouts I created with the kit and photos from Rockwell’s baby blessing. We did the blessing in July at my husband’s hometown of beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming, so the bold, star graphic, 2×2 card in the kit was perfect for my page.

New Square Project Life Layouts on HSN via #ProjectLife

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Our Family’s Project Life + Giveaway!

How To Use Project Life Scrapbook 8

As Aimée explained yesterday, we are just smitten with the simplicity of using Project Life to capture our memories. Today I’m sharing a few pages from my family’s Project Life album.

How to Use Project Life at

I thought you might like a peek at the pages I made about baby Rockwell’s birth. You know what they say about how you take tons of pictures of your first born and as you have more kids they’re lucky if you even remember to get out the camera? Well in this era of camera phones, having enough pictures is NO problem. Exactly WHAT to do with all those pictures or even getting those pictures onto paper, is another story! The fact that I already have hard-copy prints of Rockwell actually in an album is certainly a record for our family.

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Print Photos Right From Your Phone

How To Print Photos From Iphone

With all the summer fun your family has been having, I’d be willing to bet you’ve snapped quite a few photos. And if you’re anything like me, your phone is full of fun pictures that may or may not ever be seen again. This week is dedicated to developing the super power of memory keeping, and to kick things off, today I’m sharing tips for turning your phone’s camera roll into real, life photos!

How to Print Photos Right from your Phone at

Did you know you can print photos directly from your smart phone without ever touching a desktop computer? There are several free apps that allow you to upload and order prints on the go.

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Super-tip: Mending Jeans

Cute Jeans Holes Repair

Hi there fellow Supermoms! I’m Amy Smart, I have four kids, and I blog about my sewing adventures at Diary of a Quilter. As much as I enjoy sewing, I really don’t like mending. Honestly though, who does?

How to Fix Holes in Jeans at #supertips

If your family is like ours, you probably have your share of holes in the knees of otherwise perfectly fine pairs of jeans. So I came up with a simple (and cuter!) way to prolong the life of those pants — and it doesn’t take super sewing skills to do it.

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