Mummy Shirt Tutorial

DIY Mummy Shirts

Yesterday I showed you Liam and Harrison’s mummy shirts. Ready to make your own? Download our free pattern and directions. If you want a little more help, the directions below include pictures.

Supplies you’ll need:
:: Black shirt
:: White knit fabric
:: Black knit fabric
:: Orange knit fabric scraps
:: Fusible webbing (such as Pellon Wonder Under)
:: Black thread
:: White thread
:: Scissors
:: Iron
:: Sewing machine
:: Mummy pattern

1 :: Wash and dry the shirt and fabric.

washed shirt

2 :: Cut out a white circle, black stripes and black circles. Also, cut yourself a large black square to appliqué the face onto.

cut pieces of fabric

3 :: Cut out a circle of fusible webbing just smaller than the white mummy face circle. According to manufacturer directions, adhere the white circle to the black square.

ironing white circle

4 :: Layer all the mummy stripe pieces onto the white circle, as pictured. The stripes should hang off the edge of the white circle. (You’ll trim those in step 7.) Pin carefully to hold stripes in place as you sew.

made by mummy

5 :: Using a tight straight stitch, sew down the middle of each black stripe beginning and ending on the edge of the white fabric. Be sure to double stitch the ends carefully, as you don’t want to accidentally sew the stripes onto the black background fabric.

made by mummy

6 :: Add the eyes and mouth stripes. Straight-stitch large zig zags across the eyes for added texture.

zig-zag eye stitching

7 :: Once all the pieces are sewn onto the mummy face, carefully trim the black stripes to match the white circle. Also, trim the black square into a circle about ½” larger than the mummy’s face, all around.

8 :: From the fusible webbing, cut a circle just smaller than the black circle the mummy’s face has been appliquéd onto. Follow manufacturer directions to adhere entire mummy face to shirt. Using your white thread, sew 3 circles around the mummy’s face. The first circle should be on the white portion of the face, work your way out onto the black fabric for the remaining circles.

close up mummy face

9 :: Using orange fabric scraps and your black thread, straight-stitch large zig-zags across the orange fabric to adhere it to the shirt. Repeat on the back center of the shirt, just under the neckline.

orange detail

10 :: Carefully clip all the loose threads. Wear.

boys in shirt


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15 thoughts on “Mummy Shirt Tutorial”

  1. Now I simply have to go out and get the supplies to make a mummy T shirt. Your tutorial is excellent. I look forward to seeing more of what you do.

    • Yes. The pattern pieces are the actual size that I used on the shirts for my boys. If you need your image larger or smaller, the shapes are very simple to enlarge or shrink either on a photocopier or by free handing it. (Don’t be afraid to draw it–each shape is essentially an imperfect circle or line.) Hope that helps!

  2. Those shirts are adorable. Want to forward this one to some of my friends. Have enjoyed so many of your posts in the past to which I should have commented, but just figured out how. Tough to be techonologically challenged.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Dare I try to make a Mummy shirt??? Sewing and ironing in the same project?? May be beyond my scope… Besides, I’ve seen the originals in person. Can’t be duplicated!!

  4. You inspired me to use my sewing machine for the First Time Ever. I followed your excellent instructions and made your adorable mummy shirt. As I was on a roll, I modified the pattern and made a cute vampire shirt, too. This mom learned new tricks, thanks to you!

  5. just finished the mummy shirt!! as soon as I saw it last night on One Pretty Thing, I jumped out of my chair and started gathering and sewing. I had the mummy face done last night within about 20 minutes! I got a black tee at Michael’s today and finished it for my son! it is so cute!!! thank you for the easy directions!


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