How to Roast Perfect Pumpkin Seeds

I know it’s about time to start carving those pumpkins for Halloween so I figured we’d share some tips today for roasting up those pumpkin seeds into a delicious and healthy fall snack.

Do you know the shortcut for roasting perfect pumpkin seeds? via @PagingSupermom #Fall

Of course being elbow deep in pumpkin guts is NOT my favorite thing, but the reward of spooky Jack-O-Lanterns and snacking on roast pumpkin seeds will make it all worth it… that is if you know the shortcut to making roasted pumpkin seeds!

Do you know the shortcut for roasting perfect pumpkin seeds? via @PagingSupermom #Fall

I have certainly been tempted in the past to just dump the seeds because it can be such a pain to separate them from all the stringy pumpkin pulp. Afterall I’ve already exhausted most of my patience just getting that pumpkin cleaned out so I completely get the temptation to just be done with it.

But then I had a stroke of genius — somewhere in the corner of my mind I recalled that seeds float. Was this truth? Was I making this up?? So I tried it and TA DA! Not only do the seeds float but the stringy guts DO NOT!

Do you know the shortcut for roasting perfect pumpkin seeds? via @PagingSupermom #Fall

So the shortcut to roasted pumpkin seeds: dump all those guts not in the trash but in a sink full of water. Make sure you have enough water so there is plenty of space between the pulp and the floating seeds. Swish the guts around a bit to help the seeds get free from the stringy pulp. The seeds will be floating on top, and you can just skim them into a colander and rinse. Then congratulate yourself for using physics to create this #SupermomMoment.

Do you know the shortcut for roasting perfect pumpkin seeds? via @PagingSupermom #Fall

TO MAKE: Now for the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe. Take your freshly rinsed seeds and spread them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle on salt — it’s hard to give a precise measurement because it depends on what you like. I use a chunky, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt that comes with a grinder attached, (It’s from Costco and I love it because this particular salt is supposed to be really good for you.) and I covered my seeds pretty well. Toss the seeds to evenly coat, and spread them back out in a single layer. Bake at 325 degrees for 10 minutes. Stir the seeds and bake for 5 minutes more. If you’re like my Mom and want your seeds almost burnt, then you’ll want to cook longer, like 10-15 minutes on that second time.

Set the pumpkin seeds in a bowl on the counter, and they’ll disappear like magic! Even my kids love snacking on roast pumpkin seeds.

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