Super-tip: Mending Jeans

Hi there fellow Supermoms! I’m Amy Smart, I have four kids, and I blog about my sewing adventures at Diary of a Quilter. As much as I enjoy sewing, I really don’t like mending. Honestly though, who does?

How to Fix Holes in Jeans at #supertips

If your family is like ours, you probably have your share of holes in the knees of otherwise perfectly fine pairs of jeans. So I came up with a simple (and cuter!) way to prolong the life of those pants — and it doesn’t take super sewing skills to do it.

How to Fix Holes in Jeans at #supertips

Start with the iron-on Dritz patches (you can find them in the Notions aisle at any sewing or big box store). However, I discovered if all you do is iron them on, they fall right off. Plus, rectangles are kind of boring.

How to Fix Holes in Jeans at #supertips

This is the solution:
Cut out some hearts or other fun shapes. (Skulls for boys?) After ironing the patch in place, use a large needle and some heavy duty thread to stitch the patch in place (I used pearl cotton)I’ll admit it’s tough stitching through that many layers of denim, so I strongly suggest a thimble. A little rubber grip to pull your needle, wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

How to Fix Holes in Jeans at #supertips

Because it’s a little tricky stitching something in the middle of a pant leg, I suggest rolling the pants up to the knee first. (I know it may sound pretty obvious, but it took me three pant legs to figure that one out, so I thought I’d pass the tip on, just in case.) It’s also pretty hard to work from the inside of the pant leg, so stick your needle through and pull from the top.

There you go! A simple, fun fix for an age-old motherhood dilemma.

Amy Smart lives in American Fork, Utah, with her patient husband and four, busy kids. As a creative outlet (and sanity saver) she likes to collect fabric, cut it up, and sew it back together. Her blog, Diary of a Quilter, shares her latest creations as well as simple sewing tutorials such as learning to make a basic quilt.

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  1. My son has many kneeholes in all his trousers. I usually sew one backpocket closed at the top and cut the inside of the pocket to patch up the kneehole. It sews much easier than through iron on patches.
    Hope my English is okay :)


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