How to Beat Summer Boredom

Last week we told you about our feature on the cover of Raising Arizona Kids magazine, but several of your reminded me that I didn’t go into more detail about the Bored Box article we’d written for the magazine. Today I will be correcting that oversight!

How to Make a Bored Box for your kids

Just what is a Bored Box? It’s our secret weapon to fight off summer boredom! Really though it’s just any ordinary box (surely you’ve got something lying around) filled with easy-to-find craft supplies and household items that will spark imagination, creativity and learning in your child. Next time they come to you saying, “I’m Bored!” — steer them towards this box and say, “Go make something!”

The key to a Bored Box is the LESS parent involvement the better. It is meant to give children a chance to independently explore their imagination and give them permission to be completely creative and in charge.

So let me see if I get this, you’re saying a Bored Box could not only stop the dreaded “I’m Bored!” cries, but could also mean a few minutes of free time for me?

YES!! It really is a Supermom’s secret weapon ;)

Ready to make one?! Our article includes a list of suggested supplies to use in stocking your Bored Box. We included only items that we’d feel comfortable letting our own kids loose with (so NOT the permanent markers!) For those of you who aren’t local or haven’t had a chance to pickup a copy of the magazine, you can read our full Bored Box article at

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