Ghost Finger Puppets

Last Halloween little Harrison became obsessed with ghosts. Between playing ghosts, tracing ghosts and booing like ghosts, I think we had our share of spirited fun. As for an update: here we are a year later putting together the finishing touches for Harrison’s ghost-themed third Birthday party later this week.

Anyway, as part of our ghost play last year I threw together these easy felt ghost finger puppets on a whim with our skeleton game scraps. Our puppets were so effortless that I whipped up enough to pass out to our tiny neighbor trick-or-treaters who were too young for candy. Yes, these are that quick and simple!

ghost finger puppet tutorial

You will need the following supplies:
:: white felt scraps
:: white thread
:: tailor’s chalk (or other colored chalk or even a pencil)
:: sewing pins
:: sewing machine (or hand sewing needle)
:: scissors
:: tacky glue
:: wiggly eyes

To begin, fold your felt so you have 3 to 4-inch overlay. Pin the felt together. Draw a ghost-shaped arch using your chalk. Make sure you have a pin in the center of your arch to prevent the felt from sliding once you begin sewing. Sew along your chalk line, taking extra care to back stitch where you begin and end. Cut your ghost out. Glue the wiggly eyes onto your ghost, and let dry.

What do you think? Simple enough to make some today?

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