Made By Mummy

Throughout the year I buy my kids various holiday shirts. They get so excited to wear them, and it helps us celebrate the holiday all month long. So, this year Liam and Harrison requested mummy shirts for Halloween. Well, I couldn’t find any cute mummy shirts, so in a moment of Supermom-dom, I offered to make them. Here are the results:

made by mummy

I love how they turned out. I’ve done quite a bit of appliqué but I hadn’t used all knit before this experiment. I kept the edges raw so they would curl up to give the shirt more texture. Also, I did a lot of extra stitching for added detail.

made by mummy

made by mummy

Want to make a mummy shirt, too? Come back tomorrow to download my free mummy pattern with directions!

3 thoughts on “Made By Mummy”

  1. Such handsome boys!I like your attention to detail — using knit fabric instead of 100% woven cotton — which is most likely what I would have used. I am looking forward to the pattern for tomorrow to share with my young friends.


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