5 Super-tips for Taking Better Photos

Remember Super-tips? This summer Super-tip Tuesday is returning with ideas and advice from some fellow mom bloggers. We’re so excited to share their tips with you. To start things off we’ve got professional photographer and author Kristen Duke! Off we go…

Hello Super friends! I’m Kristen Duke, and I am delighted to share my super tips for taking pictures of kids. I’ve got four children myself, and they can sometimes be not-so-excited to participate in pictures, but sometimes they love it! Below are some tips to think outside of the “cheese!”

5 Tips for taking better photos of your Kids from a Professional Photographer at PagingSupermom.com

1. Take candid pictures

I can’t emphasize this enough! So many moms pull out the camera, and tell their kids to look up and smile — don’t do that! We’ve got plenty of pictures of their smiling faces, just snap what they are doing with a side view of their cute faces. Whether they are reading a book, jumping rope, or baking in the kitchen, capture the candid moments.

5 Super-Tips for Taking Great Photos of your Kids at PagingSupermom.com

2. Play in the water

Summertime activities often have water involved, and the delight on kids faces when they play in water is definitely worth capturing. If you’ve got an slr camera, and want to grab some fun water shots, you can be artistic and slow the shutter for a nice dripping look, or speed it up really high to stop the water action!

5 Super-Tips for Taking Great Photos of your Kids at PagingSupermom.com

3. Take a silhouette

The summer sky is fun to capture with all of its colorful beauty. Silhouettes can be tricky, but just make sure the the background is clear of trees or buildings. Get down low so you can fill your camera frame with the subjects. For more tips on shooting a great silhouette, read this post.

5 Super-Tips for Taking Great Photos of your Kids at PagingSupermom.com

4. Fun with food

A big part of our summer fun is baking treats in the kitchen. There is so much fun to be had when playing with food, and I try to capture the different moments. Check out more fun pictures of myself and my kids making homemade cinnamon rolls.

5 Super-Tips for Taking Great Photos of your Kids at PagingSupermom.com

5. Get in pictures with your kids

If you plan fun activities with your kids and aren’t in any of those pictures with them, then something needs to change. REPEAT AFTER ME: Moms. need. to. be. in. more. pictures. with. their. kids. Do you want your kids to remember their childhood with YOU in it? Get in pictures! I have the foggiest memories of my childhood — except what the pictures remind me. I work hard to plan fun things for my kids, and I make sure I take at least one picture of them with me in it at those activities. I’m not afraid to ask a stranger to take a picture, hand the camera to my hubby sometimes, or set the timer on my phone or big camera. I don’t want to be forgotten. Make silly faces, have fun, and don’t forget to pose in a flattering way.

You can Kristen me over at her blog, Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke where she shares all sorts of fun, including lots of photo tips, recipes, and home projects. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your camera, check out her book, Say NO to Auto.

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