Scrapbook: Pedi-Cute!

Being that I am the founder of a spa and bath company, it probably comes as no surprise that my daughters, although just three and five, are borderline spa junkies. (This story comes to mind.) Occasionally I’ll give the girls little pedicures in our kitchen; Attalie likes to call them her “spas.” Thankfully Daddy got out the camera one time and captured these fun pictures so I could make a page for our family scrapbook.


As far as the scrapbook page goes, this layout is one I use a lot, particularly when I want to use patterned paper. For me, patterned paper can be a bit intimidating. You can’t just write a caption over it without worrying if it will show up, and I often feel like the paper’s pattern is competing with the pictures. I love crisp, clean designs, but still can’t resist buying the fun papers. Then one time I created a page using this basic arrangement and loved the results. I have found myself repeating it, with some little variations, over and over again.


This simple layout includes two overall areas: a photo matte and journaling area. First I put all the photos on a single matte (made out of a solid-colored paper), which gives the pictures a unified presence keeping the patterned paper from overpowering. For this page the photo-matte area also held the title, but other times, when I’m working with more photos, the title goes in the journaling area. The journaling area can go above or below the photos and is usually made out of the same paper as the photo matte. However, this time I used a translucent vellum for the photos and decided instead to add a pop of pink paper for the journaling.

I know it isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but as I flip through my scrapbook, it’s funny how many of the pages are a variation of this basic layout.

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