How to Make Glitter Glue

We’re so excited to share a bunch of fun, free printables for Spring tomorrow! Here’s a little sneak peak. Plus we’re sharing a recipe for how to make glitter glue. This easy recipe can be customized however you want and it has a whole lot of potential so be sure to pin this post so you’ll have this DIY glitter glue recipe handy when you need it!

Glittered Raindrop Spring Printable from

When we were creating this sign we wanted a touch of shine on each of the rain drops. We planned to apply a dollop of school glue with glitter sprinkled over, but when we tried it the glitter was too overpowering, not to mention the glittery mess we had to deal with afterwards.

We realized what we actually needed to achieve our desired effect was glitter GLUE. Unfortunately there was no gold glitter glue in my craft cupboard. We tried whipping some up, and it worked out perfectly! Below is our homemade Glitter Glue Recipe!

How to make glitter glue

Recipe to Make Glitter Glue

2 parts school glue
1 part glitter

If you’re not sure what a “part” is, you can effectively substitute in whatever unit of measurement you want, depending on how much you need to make. For example, squeeze in about 2 teaspoons of glue and then add 1 teaspoon of glitter. Mix until well combined. Eyeballing the measurements is just fine, and you can definitely add more or less glitter to get the shine density you’re looking for.

The cool thing about glitter glue is that it traps the glitter particles in the glue so they don’t rub off after. Plus glitter glue allows you to apply glitter to your project with almost zero mess!

Our Favorite Glitter

I used to buy the Martha Stewart Extra-Fine Glitter, but it can be hard to come by since I’m not sure it’s being made anymore. This American Crafts WOW! Glitter is just as good.

Come back tomorrow to download this fun “Hello Spring” print and a bunch of other darling Spring printable freebies!

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