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As I’ve mentioned before, this year’s cold and flu season really took a toll on both Aimée and my families. I felt especially bad for little Modette while she had her cold — such a big cough for such a little body. Since there are really no safe over-the-counter cough medicines for children under two, sadly there is not much parents can do to help when baby has a cold. It is hard not to do *something* though and most pediatricians recommend putting a humidifier in baby’s room.

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If you’ve ever purchased a humidifier you know there are loads of options. The biggest consideration is whether to buy a Vaporizer -vs- Humidifier. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but there is actually a distinct difference between the two. They are both equally effective at adding moisture to the air and providing relief for nasal congestion. The difference lies in how the moisture is created. A steam vaporizer uses a heating element to create steam to disperse into the air; whereas, a cool-mist humidifier creates vibrations that make a fine, water-vapor mist. Since a Vaporizer produces hot steam a significant burn risk exists, which is why humidifiers are normally preferred for a young child’s room (or really any household that has young children).

The Prettiest Humidifers & Learn How to Clean a Humidifier at #humidifiers #babynursery #colds

I love the White Drop Cool Mist Humidifier that Crane sent us. It puts out an amazing amount of vapor plus it doesn’t create an eyesore — obviously not a consideration when baby is sick, but since it fits in so nicely with Modette’s nursery decor, I have no problem keeping it running all through cold and flu season, which can actually help prevent some illness. It is vital, though, to make sure a humidifier is cleaned properly or it may actually do more harm than good.

Bacteria and mold can multiply in standing water so it is important to take these steps to keep your machine clean.

DAILY: Empty your humidifier’s tank and basin and replenish with fresh water every day. (Distilled water is actually recommended.)

WEEKLY: Clean the humidifier each week. Begin by unplugging the basin and emptying water from both basin and tank. Fill tank and basin with water and add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to each. Replace cap on the tank and shake vigorously. Let both tank and basin set with vinegar-water solution for about 20 minutes. Empty the vinegar and water then rinse well. NOTE: Never immerse the humidifier basin (part with plug) in water — it can ruin your machine.

END OF SEASON: When it’s time to put the humidifier away, be sure to empty the basin and tank and let set out for a day or so to air dry completely before storing.

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  1. Zarbee’s has an awesome children’s cough syrup that uses honey and lemon as a base. Obviously you can’t give this to children under 12 months but, two year olds are a-okay. As well, you can give children over 12 months a tablespoon of honey with 2-3 drops if lemon juice for a completely natural, proved cough supressor and throat soother. It can be used straight from the bottles but helps more if you warm it up in the microwave for twenty seconds (not tok hot and make sure you blow on it).

    Hope this helps!!

  2. I put a splash of vinegar in the water of my humidifier tank with every refill….and leave it in. Makes filters last longer especially if you have hard water.

  3. I’m not a supermom I’m a super grandma, I raised 6 of my own one with autism/learning disabilities on top and 3 more with genetic learning disabilities, now I’m MOM, for 3 of my 7 grandchildren, 2 of which have learning disabilities, life is fun and interesting, like the post I had to dig out the humidifier foe me, and boy did it need to be cleaned, kinda forgot about it for awhile

  4. I’m a super grandma I raised 6 children on with moderate autism and learning disabilities, and 3 more with learning disabilities (called auditory learning disabilities, they hear fine but process things differently, it affects speech, reading, and out of everything penmanship)which are genetic, and now I’m MOM to 3 of my 7 grandchildren 3. 10, 12, 2 of them have the learning disabilities, so I’m looking forward to your blog, love the humidifier cleaning (doing it now, it needed it bad cause it kinda got left standing for awhile with water in it opps, best thing is to learn to laugh and roll with what life gives you.


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