Let’s Make Cotton Candy

How To Make Cotton Candy Tutorial

I love cotton candy and wanted to have some at Piper’s birthday party this year. I really wanted to serve it up fresh so I began looking into cotton candy machines. I fell in love with the retro look of this shiny red machine from Nostalgia Electrics. I also liked the idea of being able to make cotton candy from any hard candies — even sugar-free candy.

Nostalgia Electrics was kind enough to send us their Retro Series Cotton Candy Maker to test out. We did try a few batches using various hard candies, but even when we crushed the candy up the resulting cotton candy was more brittle and not quite as fluffy as we liked. So I found some flossing sugar (we used Flossugar Boo-Blue flavor) and the results were super

Although this is a smaller machine (a plus for storage) it still put out plenty of cotton candy to satisfy our party goers. I highly recommend doing a few trial runs before your party because neatly spinning the webs of candy onto the cone can take a bit of practice.

HOW TO MAKE COTTON CANDY: As you can see in the animated image above, begin by pouring the Flossugar crystals into the machine’s metal plate. Turn on the machine and the plate will begin spinning and warming.

Wait a minute or two and the sugary floss will begin to form across the bowl. Hold your cone, with the broader end down, and lower it into the bowl of the cotton candy machine. Spin the cone in circles with your fingers while moving the entire cone around the bowl. Be careful not to touch the edges or center spinning plate.

Once the cotton candy web has latched onto your cone, continue spinning with your fingers but pull the cone upwards and turn it about 90-degrees so it is now parallel to the top of the machine’s bowl. Continue spinning the cone and watch your cotton candy cloud form! Eventually the cotton candy floss will stop coming; be sure to turn the machine off before adding more flossing sugar.

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Cotton Candy Maker, $40 at Amazon.com.

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