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So remember how I mentioned that we were moving… oh, like 2 months ago? Well this week I finally started unpacking. Why such a long wait you ask; because, being the geniuses that we are, we decided to move our entire household and then take three successive trips out of town. Isn’t it lovely how things just work out so perfectly sometimes? (So hopefully that explains a little of why I’ve been AWOL with my posts.)

Naturally as we were packing for these trips we would need something that was somewhere in one these hundreds of boxes. So we have been randomly opening boxes and throwing things haphazardly around the house in such fashion as to create an incredibly huge mess.

Yesterday I decided to take back the house and restore order (or as much order as possible with two kids and a dog). I’d feel like I was making progress only to turn around and see my work undone by a toddler cyclone. For instance, we have this desk area in our kitchen that has become a dumping ground with layer upon layer of junk mixed with important papers, cell phones, chargers, ipods, tools, kid’s drawings, etc. It was driving me absolutely crazy. I spent three hours finding a place for everything, and I got all the kitchen counters completely cleared off. In the time it took me to say, “Hallelujah!” the pile had already started up again. I think I’m fighting a losing battle.

Bettijo Bridges

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