Movie Smarts

Three reasons to go to the movies this summer:

(1) It’s hot outside, but the theater is nice and cool.
(2) Two hours of relative silence.
(3) The kid’s movie may be a snoozer, but who wouldn’t like a nice nap?

If you aren’t planning to keep your eyes open, though, it might be a good idea to come prepared. No, I don’t mean bringing a fluffy pillow, although that isn’t an entirely bad idea, I was referring to checking into the movie’s content ahead of time so you can avoid any rude awakenings.

Most movie reviewers look at a movie from a vastly different perspective than you or your kids will. I’ve used Parent Previews for years because I like their objective take. The reviews are incredibly thorough, although before I had kids I didn’t quite understand the necessity of knowing the exact number of swear words in a film. Now as a parent, I appreciate their seemingly nit-picky insights that provide all the information you need to choose which movies to see and which ones to avoid. Now on with the show.

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