Free Printable Back to School Banner

Pennants say "Hit the Books" - love this Free printable Back to School Banner from @PagingSupermom #freeprintables

The transition from lazy summer days back to a strict school schedule can be tough on kids. I like to decorate the house a bit to help the kids get excited for the change.

Love this free and cute Back to School Banner from @PagingSupermom #freeprintables

Before I tell you about our back to school banner, though, I wanted to let you know about a easy opportunity to help out the Adopt a Classroom foundation through Great Clips #GREATLIST program — all you have to do is download a free app!

Great Clips recently launched a super-convenient Online Check-In App that lets you add your name to the waiting list at your local Great Clips salon (with more than 3,300 salons throughout the United States and Canada, there is bound to be one near you). It’s not an appointment — what it does is let you add your name to the list before arriving at the salon to help save you time, and more time definitely comes in handy during the back to school rush.

The best part is when you download the FREE Online Check-In app, Great Clips will donate to the Adopt a Classroom cause. According to AdoptAC, on average teachers spend $1,000 of their own money to make sure their students have the resources they need to learn. Great Clips has pledged up to $20,000 to AdoptAC and every download of the free Online Check-In app helps.

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Three Free Printable Banners

Show your #Olympic Pride with this Free Printable Brazil Banner via @PagingSupermom -- free Team USA Banner too!

With the World Cup going on now in Brazil, we wanted to share this free printable Brazil banner.

Free Printable Brazil Banner via @PagingSupermom -- would be great party decor for a Missionary Farewell or Missionary Homecoming or for a #WorldCup Soccer viewing party

Are we big soccer fans? Well, actually no. I’m pretty sure the only soccer games either of us have been to were for one of our kids.

Are we big Brazil fans? Um, no, not really big Brazil fans either, but I created this banner for my sister’s missionary homecoming earlier this year and figured soccer fans could get some extra mileage out of it. Also since we know there’s some debate about whether it’s “Brazil” or “Brasil” we’ve included both S and Z so you can use whichever you prefer.

If you’re with Team USA, of course we’ve got you covered there too — get our free printable USA banner.

Free Printable USA Banner for the Fourth of July via @PagingSupermom

Now in case you were interested in seeing some of the fun pictures from my sister’s Missionary Homecoming, I’m happy to share those too! (Don’t know about this whole Mission thing? Find out more.)

Missionary Homecoming Ideas via @PagingSupermom

The whole family was pretty excited to welcome Jenny back from Brazil, and we got together the night before to make a bunch of welcome home signs to hold up at the airport. It was a crazy, messy business using poster markers, glitter and glue with a bunch of kiddos, but it was great. We also made a fun sign for the house — more on that in a minute.

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Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Decor

Free Printables for St. Patrick's Day via @PagingSupermom

One of the most thrilling parts of designing and sharing our free printables is seeing how our friends put them to use in their homes. We would love for you to share a photo with us on Instagram when you use one of our printables. (Be sure to tag @PagingSupermom and tag #SupermomMoment so we’ll see it!)

Free Printables for St. Patrick's Day via @PagingSupermom

We sent some blogging buddies a package with our favorite St. Patty’s printables new and old, and we thought we’d share some of the fun Supermom Moments they created with them.

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Winter Olympics Craft Idea: Russian Dolls

Download Free Printable Russian Dolls for the Sochi Winter Olympics at

Our families love the Olympics, and we had a lot of fun with Olympic craft ideas for the London Games. With the Winter Games opening in Sochi tomorrow night we thought we’d share some updates to put a Russian spin on things. Our favorite Olympic craft project from last time was the family Olympic Time Capsule. If your family did a time capsule too, it’s time to dig it out and let the kids see how far they’ve come! (We’d also love to see so share a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag @PagingSupermom and #SupermomMoment.)

Olympic Time Capsule Project at

We updated our printable time capsule memory book so now you can make one for the Sochi Games. Go here for all the Olympic Time Capsule instructions and download our free printable Sochi Olympic Memory Book template.

Download Free Printable Russian Dolls for the Sochi Winter Olympics at

Two years ago for the Summer Games we made fun Royal Guard soldiers that we played with and then tucked away inside our Olympic Time Capsule. For the Winter Games in Sochi we are making a Matryoshka Russian Doll Craft. Download our free printable Sochi Olympics Russian Dolls template, and see below how you can use them a bunch of different ways…

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Preppy Navy Valentines LOVE Banner

Preppy LOVE Banner free printable at #freeprintables #valentines

You know the whole cliché, “X is the new black?” Of course you do — that’s why it’s a cliché. Seriously though, I recently tried to find black, dress pants for baby Rockwell and everywhere had just navy?! I do like navy, it’s just that he already has a pair of navy pants; regardless, we’ve decided to fully embrace the navy trend with this adorably preppy Valentine’s LOVE Banner.

Preppy LOVE Banner free printable at #freeprintables #valentines

Preppy LOVE Banner free printable at #freeprintables #valentines

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Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas at #frozen

Okay, I’m not sure, but I think this might be the LONGEST post in the world…. so be warned. When we shared our Tangled Birthday Party we broke it into several posts, but we found that a lot of people who arrived at our posts from the archives or Pinterest missed some of the ideas so we decided to give you all our Birthday Party ideas inspired by Disney’s Frozen Movie in one, massive post. At least there are lots of pretty pictures…

Frozen Birthday Party Invitations at #frozen

Let’s begin with the Frozen Party Invitation because of course you need a cute invite to have a Frozen party right? We created this darling snowflake patterned invitation, and I get cold just looking at it! Get the printable Frozen birthday party invitation template personalized with your party details in the Supermom Co-op. For a touch of something extra we added iridescent glitter to the large snowflake on all our invitations.

Frozen Birthday Party Invitations at #frozen

I get really excited about little things, like the fact that we cut larger paper snowflakes that looked EXACTLY like the snowflake on the Frozen party invite. Anyone else realize how incredibly awesome that is, or am I just a bit crazy?? Be sure to read our tutorial on how to cut a perfect snowflake to see how to work this magic. Wouldn’t it be fun to tuck a folded up snowflake into the envelope with the party invites?

How to cut a Perfect Snowflake and lots of Frozen Birthday Party Ideas at #frozen #snowflakes

Behold the party table…. see all that snowy goodness, do you feel an icy chill in the air? Are you laughing at me now?? (Can you tell I’m running on very little sleep???)

Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas at #frozen

I can’t help but be giddy about how this turned out. I think we totally nailed the Frozen Birthday Cake. This Snowball Tower Cake looks impressive, but don’t let it fool you — it is super easy to create. Check out our Frozen Birthday Cake tutorial.

Frozen Cupcake Toppers and lots of fun party ideas at #frozen

Also love these fun printable Frozen Party Flags and Frozen Cupcake Toppers that can be personalized with your child’s name and age.

Frozen Cupcake Toppers and lots of fun party ideas at #frozen

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