Lucky Charms Banner for St. Patrick’s Day

After making new banners for every holiday last year, Aimée and I decided we were going to take a break from banners in 2015; yet here it is, two holidays into the year, and we’ve got another new banner to share. I guess we just can’t quit! I think you’ll be glad that we didn’t skip this one though. Look how cute…

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Banner via @PagingSupermom

The idea with this banner wasn’t to spell any phrase but just to be a fun collection of lucky objects. There is absolutely no wrong way to hang it up. In fact you can even use the pennants for other things. Need more inspiration? We love the way our friend Rachel put the decorative pennants from last year’s “So Lucky” Banner to use as tags for St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bags. These new pennants would work great as gift tags too.

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Banner via @PagingSupermom

After attending CHA in January we were excited to see a couple companies demonstrating what we can only describe as MAGIC! They were taking objects printed with black toner and turning them into gold foil using just a laminator. It was stupid easy, and I’m sure as we stood there, in the Anaheim Convention Center, we looked like one of those cartoon characters who has just been hit by a frying pan with stars circling around their heads. Seriously for girls who love printables as much as we do, this laminator foil revelation was LIFE CHANGING!

Naturally we came right home and found a big roll of this miracle working gold foil. We’re told that the two companies who were demoing the foil don’t have their products available in stores yet. However St. Patrick’s Day is obviously a holiday that NEEDS gold; so we couldn’t wait to share this with you all.

Which Laminator Do I Need for Gold Foil?

UPDATE: After experimenting more with the gold foil I have found that laminators produce inconsistent results. I was trying to foil some things for a birthday party and was getting really frustrated with my laminator. I have tried Heidi Swapp’s Minc foiling machine and it works like a dream every time. I am pretty sure it doubles as a laminator too so if you don’t have one yet I would highly recommend you get the Minc Machine.

How to get a true metallic gold foil at home! via @PagingSupermom

How to DIY Gold Foil

Print the black-and-white page of our Lucky Charms Banner template onto cardstock, using a printer that takes toner not ink. (The toner is critical since it is what allows the gold foil to adhere). Cut out each pennant and horseshoe shape and cut a piece of hot-stamping gold foil to fit your shapes. (You can buy it by the yard or in a big roll.) Place the foil with the back side touching the black printing on your shapes and put inside of the folder that came with your laminator (a file folder will work). Run through the heated laminator. Peel away the foil sheet and try not to squeal as you unveil your now metallic gold pieces!

One last thing… I unknowingly had a hair between the paper and the foil sheet on one of my pennants, and it really messed things up. So be on the lookout!

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Banner via @PagingSupermom

To add another pop of gold we hung our pennants with gold binder clips, using both the small and mini sizes.

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Banner via @PagingSupermom

Download our free printable Lucky Charms Banner

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