Bunny Banner Printable

After my boys saw the Bunny Cameo I designed for Bettijo’s front door, they insisted on a bunny banner for our house. Don’t get me wrong, I love seasonal and holiday banners—but Bettijo and I get a little nervous we offer too many banners… What do you think? Are you burnt out on printable banners, or do your kids (or you!) still love banners? Be honest with us, friends!

If you’re not bannered out, here’s our spring and Easter bunny cameo printable banner.

You can see Liam helped cut the ovals, and he was more than happy to help thread the pennants onto our ribbon. Even little Harrison helped create the banner by selecting the colored pattern. (I, however, was the only one to make slits using our craft knife!)

As always, our banners are simple to throw together for a quick, holiday decoration. Download our free Bunny Cameo Printable Banner here, and then print onto cardstock. Cut out ovals. Using a craft knife cut two slits in the top center of the oval. Thread with string, twine or ribbon, and hang.

So, tell us, are you bannered out?

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