Cloth Napkins for Thanksgiving & Clorox 2

Free Printable Placecard Napkin Rings via @PagingSupermom #Thanksgiving

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving next week. Honestly I can’t wait to have a slice of Pecan Pie. I am also looking forward to setting the table for our family feast. This day is one of the few times we actually dig out the fine china, silverware and fabric napkins.

Free Printable Placecard Napkin Rings via @PagingSupermom #Thanksgiving

Clorox2-How-To-Pretreat-Thanksgiving 2

Go below to download our free printable Placecard Napkin Rings, but first let’s talk for a minute about real life. Spills are inevitable, but there’s no sense in letting the fear of impossible stains keep us from enjoying our cloth-napkin tradition. Don’t stress about keeping tablecloths or napkins stain-free, just be sure to use Clorox 2 Stain Remover & Color Booster.

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Fun Ideas for the Thanksgiving Kid’s Table

Fun Kids Table Ideas for Thanksgiving via @PagingSupermom

We love to have fun with our Thanksgiving Kid’s Table, and we’ve teamed up with Land of Nod to share some clever, but more importantly, EASY ideas — when you’ve got turkey, pie and a bunch of side dishes to worry about, we know you’re going to want to keep things simple and fun.

UPDATE: Sadly this adorable Thanksgiving partyware collection is no longer available, but check out these other cute Thanksgiving supplies from Meri Meri. I’ve updated the links throughout the article to current offerings that are similar to show.

Fun Kids Table Ideas for Thanksgiving via @PagingSupermom

We adore all the details of the Land of Nod Thanksgiving Decor Collection. We have been known to cringe at store-bought decorations but count on designer Meri Meri to provide the kind of details you’d expect from something homemade, like those real string bows on the pilgrim’s bonnet. Also, we are loving the foil-stamped, gold accents that add a festive shimmer.

Fun Kids Table Ideas for Thanksgiving via @PagingSupermom

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Worksheet Wednesday: Thanksgiving Math Riddle

Free thanksgiving worksheets @pagingsupermom New worksheets posted every week

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have been really into teepees (or tipis) this week. Harrison is fascinated with the Native Americans, especially the nomadic Plains Indians who used teepees for shelter. The idea that teepees could be taken down quickly, stowed away for travel and then reassembled in a new location is amazing to him.

This week’s worksheet is great for early elementary school-aged students. It reinforces simple math facts with a mix of addition and subtraction. Once students have completed the math facts they can decode the riddle (which also serves as a great way to check their answers).

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