Cholesterol-Free Honey Butter & Rolls

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, there is bound to be a guest who is watching his/her cholesterol. We’ve adapted our favorite Honey Butter recipe to be cholesterol-free using Brummel and Brown spread.

How to Make Honey Butter #thanksgiving #honey

Cholesterol-Free Honey Butter Recipe #honeybutter #thanksgivingdinner

Made with nonfat yogurt, this spread has less than half the fat and calories of butter and zero cholesterol, but it tastes as yummy as butter, and you can even bake with it.


1 cup Brummel and Brown
1/2 cup Honey

INSTRUCTIONS: Warm the honey in the microwave for 30 seconds, and soften the Brummel and Brown in the microwave as well. Combine the two ingredients and mix well. Best served warm with freshly baked rolls. This recipe is naturally thinner than our classic honey butter, but it still tastes delish!

Shortcut to AMAZING #thanksgiving dinner rolls #thanksgivingdinner #rolls

Want to know a secret for amazing rolls that are a total cinch? One year when Aimée was hosting Thanksgiving she simply blanked it on making her family’s traditional (and well-loved) roll recipe. In a panic she realized she had some frozen roll dough in her freezer. Her family’s recipe called for dipping each roll in melted butter before rising. So she did this with the frozen rolls. Surprisingly this one, simple step transformed the frozen rolls into as good as homemade. No one even noticed the rolls were any different that year!


1 package frozen dinner rolls
1/2 cup Brummel and Brown, melted

INSTRUCTIONS: To keep the cholesterol down, we used melted Brummel and Brown instead of butter. (Bonus: Just checked and our frozen dough has no cholesterol either!) Dip each frozen roll in the melted Brummel and Brown and let rise on baking sheet and bake according to the package instructions.

Yummy Rolls and Honey Butter #thanksgiving #rolls #feast #honeybutter

While Aimée’s family likes to bake their rolls in a high-sided pan so the edges are soft, I like to space mine out on a cookie sheet. The result is more of a bun-style roll that is absolutely perfect for making little turkey sandwiches with the leftovers. Just make lots of rolls!

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