DIY Crayon Turkeys For Your Thanksgiving Kids Table

Today we’re sharing one of the cutest Thanksgiving Kids table ideas. Aimée dreamed these adorable DIY Crayon Turkeys at least two years now, but we are always so crazy busy this time of year that never had a chance to make them. But I’m so glad we finally got around to making these Crayon Turkeys because they turned out so unbelievably cute!

Love these Crayon Turkeys - Cute Thanksgiving Kids Table ideas via @PagingSupermom

Seriously I could die. I know it’s so weird, but I get the strangest satisfaction out of making and photographing cute things like these DIY Crayon Turkeys. I showed the photos of these to pretty much everyone I saw yesterday… I expected each one of them to squeal with delight because that’s what I want to do when we I see photos of adorable crafts, but none of them did. A few said “Cute!” which was somewhat gratifying, but it’s funny because I’m so giddy I kind of want to shake people and be all, “Cute? Just cute?? These are mind-blowing, why aren’t you jumping up and down?”

See what I mean, weird? It’s a sickness really. I think my daughter Piper has this sickness too. She’s only seven, but when she’s really excited about something she gets this crazy, huge grin; puts her hands together; squeals and jumps up and down.

Now THAT is the kind of reaction I’m talking about! That is how I feel when I look at these Crayon Turkeys LOL!

Love these Crayon Turkeys - Cute Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas via @PagingSupermom
Love these Crayon Turkeys for a cute #Thanksgiving Kids Table with a #FreePrintable via @PagingSupermom

Let me preface these instructions by saying that these DIY Crayon Turkeys are not as simple as most of the projects we share, but that’s only because they require some power tools. They are still super easy as long as you have a miter saw, drill with 3/8-inch bit, and vice. With these tools it took us less than 30-minutes to make six Crayon Turkeys.

Love these Crayon Turkeys for the #Thanksgiving Kids Table with a #FreePrintable via @PagingSupermom

How to Make Crayon Turkeys

Find a branch that is about 3 inches in diameter. Use a miter saw to cut 2-inch slices. Secure the slices in a vice and drill five holes using a 3/8-inch bit. To help evenly space the five holes, we started by drilling the center hole then worked our way out either side. Before drilling you might want to see if your slices have a natural flat side and if so make sure this is the bottom. You can also just sand whichever side ends up being on bottom so they won’t roll. Scroll below to download and print our Turkey Face Printable Template. We have a colored version or one in black and white that your kids can color in. Cut out the faces using a 2-inch circle punch and secure with glue dots.

Love these Crayon Turkeys for the #Thanksgiving Kids Table with a #FreePrintable via @PagingSupermom
Download the Printable Turkey Faces
Love these Crayon Turkeys for the #Thanksgiving Kids Table with a #FreePrintable via @PagingSupermom

Here’s some fun Thanksgiving table ideas using the Crayon Turkeys:

Mod Tribal Thanksgiving Kids Table with free downloads from @PagingSupermom #ShutterflyDecor
Fun Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas - love this whole black-and-white Thanksgiving table setup from @PagingSupermom

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