Cutest Thanksgiving Banner: Paper Plate Pie Garland

I love pie… even more than cake! If you love it too then I have the perfect Thanksgiving banner for you. When I saw an adorable Pie Garland on Martha Stewart a few years ago, of course I pinned it, but I kind of knew I’d never make it. Just too much tedious cutting and folding of paper required for each slice. Yet I do love it, so I decided to create a shortcut version of the Pie Garland using paper plates and printable pie fillings.

Paper Plate Pie Garland - cutest Thanksgiving Banner. Super easy with FREE printable template from @PagingSupermom
Paper Plate Pie Garland - cutest Thanksgiving Banner. Super easy with FREE printable template from @PagingSupermom

I made this whole Pie Garland with just 3 paper plates and 3 slices of paper — pretty amazing, right? Admittedly it is not quite as darling as Martha’s, but still it’s super cute and requires less than 10 minutes of effort, which makes it the winner in my book! I guess you could think of my Paper Plate Pie Garland the way a frozen pie is to a homemade pie LOL! For the record, I am totally on board with buying frozen pies, especially if you want a big pie bar spread with lots of flavors to choose from. HINT: frozen pies with a crumbly streusel topping can pretty much pass for homemade ;)

How to Host a Pie Party

While I was at it, I actually created a whole Thanksgiving Pie Party Pack with free printable templates including a “Let them Eat Pie” table sign, pie tags and a cute way to package up leftovers. It has all you need to deck out a Pie Bar for your Thanksgiving feast. Better yet… you could host your own Friendsgiving Pie Party! Get my 5 easy tips for hosting a stress-free Pie Party over on Chinet’s blog.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Pie Party Kit

Easy Paper Plate Pie Garland Tutorial

To make the Paper Plate Pie Garland download my free printable Pie Fillings templates, which are in the Pie Party Pack that you can download at the end of this post. You will also need sturdy white paper plates and a set of watercolors with a tan/brown color. Here’s how to make this easy garland using Chinet® Classic White™ Dinner Plates.



Use watercolor paints to tan the rims of a few Chinet Classic White dinner plates. Let dry.


Print the pie fillings templates. There is pumpkin, cherry, berry, and apple fillings to choose from, but you will only need to select 3 flavors. Pick your favorites and cut out the circles. Use a glue stick to attach a pie filling to the center of each dried plate.


Slice each disposable plate “pie” into eight slices. To help get even slices, first cut the plate in half, then cut each half in half, then cut each piece in half one more time.


Glue on half of a cotton ball to each of the orange pumpkin slices to look like a dollop of whipped cream.


Using a hot glue gun, attach your pie slices to twine at your desired length. Run a bead of glue along the backside of the long “crust” edge and carefully place onto the twine. Evenly space the slices and be sure to alternate between the flavors of pie.

If you have extra slices, use them as decorative pennants with this free “Give Thanks” banner, shown here

Paper Plate Pie Garland - cutest Thanksgiving Banner. Super easy with FREE printable template from @PagingSupermom

After finishing my Paper Plate Pie Garland I ended up with extra pie slices, and was thinking of throwing them away. Then I looked up at my fireplace where my black-and-white Thanksgiving banner is hanging. I tried clipping on a few pie slices as decorative pennants on either side of the “Give Thanks” banner. SO cute, right?! …and a total bonus! If you want to make this “Give Thanks” Banner too, it’s a free printable too.

Cutest Thanksgiving Banner - Black and White "Give Thanks" with adorable Pie Slice Garland. FREE downloads @PagingSupermom
Paper Plate Pie Garland - cutest Thanksgiving Banner. Super easy with FREE printable template from @PagingSupermom

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  1. which you may find in the Pie Party Pack available for free download below. In addition to the white paper plates, a set of tan or brown watercolors will be required. Instructions for making a dordle simple garland out of Chinet® Classic WhiteTM Dinner Plates are provided.


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