Last-Minute Thanksgiving Gift


I love to give small gifts to enhance my friends’ holidays. Last year I brought my friends orange butter on Thanksgiving morning. While flavored butter sounds so random, I think it’s a great gift for a few reasons. First, it complements the customary rolls everyone serves at their Thanksgiving feast; second, it’s small so it won’t crowd the table; and third, if they decide not to use it for their dinner, it’s great on breakfast toast. All in all, it’s a small gift to let them know I’m thankful for their friendship!

If you need a last-minute neighbor, hostess or teacher gift, deliver some homemade honey butter! To help you out, here’s your short cut: a label. Mix together some honey butter, scoop it into a small serving bowl or glass jar, label and deliver.

After you’ve downloaded the labels, print the file on sticker paper. I used a 2.5” hole punch to cut out my label, yet scissors will work just as well. Ensure your jar is clean and dry, then adhere the label. If you don’t have sticker paper, simply print on what paper you have on hand, cut out label, punch a small hole on the top and tie onto the jar. Just as cute!


One more note, I was feeling in a rush, so rather than searching for the perfect coordinating ribbon, I used some fabric scraps I had laying out. I think I actually like it more!


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  1. As a former recipient of the above mentioned Orange Butter, I can tell you how yummy it is as well as a welcome surprise on an usually hectic morning… It’s nice to have caring neighbors ;)


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