How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we thought we could all share some of the wacky ways we celebrate and create fun St. Patrick’s Day memories. Here is a brief list of what we do. Please comment below to share how you celebrate with your family!

:: Leprechaun Craziness
Several years ago my friend Debbie told me about the sheer craziness leprechauns caused in her home each year. (Of course, from then on out, those pesky leprechauns made a mess in our house, too!) What do her leprechauns do? Tip dining room chairs upside down, dye all the breakfast milk green, dye the toilet water green, scatter any paper piles, turn objects upside down… Phew! Good thing they visit only once a year!

:: Build A Leprechaun Trap
Every year my boys and I have built traps in an effort to catch the sneaky leprechauns that cause all sorts of ruckus come St. Patrick’s Day morning. We’ve made traps from metal baskets, recycled cereal boxes and blankets with sticks. Last year when Bettijo’s girls heard about Liam’s traps, they insisted on creating a trap, too. Attalie and Piper made theirs with a simple decorative bird cage. Although neither family has caught a leprechaun, various golden treats are always left behind.

:: Leprechaun Love
After making a disaster, our sweet leprechauns always leave a few lucky green and orange gifts for my boys. It’s usually something fun and small like a new pair of crocs (green or orange), some fun green bead necklaces, green Lego bricks, stickers, new green toothbrush or a few other random green goodies!

:: Trail of Gold
We never seem to discover how the visiting leprechauns get into our home, but we know how they get out! Each year they seem to leave a trail of gold coins (my boys are just as enthusiastic to receive plastic gold coins as they are chocolate coins) scattered about the house—always ending at our back door.

:: Lucky Hunt
I think these four-leaf clover clue cards and Pot O’Gold printables are adorable! This is simple enough for any Supermom to throw together a memorable last minute adventure!

:: Good Luck Food
Whether it’s for breakfast, snack or dessert, you can never go wrong serving up a fun green food — especially a green smoothie. This year we’re pretty excited about pots of gold at the end of rainbows, so I’m planning to serve fruit rainbow skewers!

:: Leprechaun Kisses
And I’m not talking about the chocolate ones either—have you heard of this? It was new to me last year — put a dab of diluted food coloring on a q-tip then gently press onto your sleeping child’s cheek. He’ll awake with a tiny green kiss! So sweet!

:: Other ideas
Dress like a leprechaun with a DIY costume
Play our Lucky Leprechaun printable game
Color our St. Patrick’s Day worksheets
Make an easy crockpot Irish-inspired dinner
Make Lucky shamrock necklaces

Please tell us, what will you do to celebrate?


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  1. We LOVE St. Patty’s day around here. I’m looking forward to making all kinds of cool foods tomorrow, starting w/ rainbow pancakes. I found a yummy spinach mac n cheese, and we’ll have peas and green grapes for lunch. I’ve also found a ton of delicious green desserts. Mmmmm. We started doing the traps just last year, but the leprechaun mess has been a tradition since my childhood. I remember always getting a pile of white powder that turned into pistachio pudding after adding milk! My kids love this holiday as much as I do. I’m excited to try to tiny footprints on the toilet and the q-tip kisses this year! thanks for the ideas.


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