Fun Family Game: Cover Your Assets Game Review

We got a copy of Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Game last fall at Pinner’s Conference, and it quickly became our favorite family game. We play it at least once a week. I think one of the main reasons we love the Cover Your Assets card game is that all our kids can join in — even our four year old!

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The wild cards in the Cover Your Assets game are GOLD and SILVER. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I knew I had to share this fun family card game. The gold cards are my four-year-old’s favorite. I’ve caught him a few times digging them out of the deck and carrying them around the house LOL!

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How to Play Cover Your Assets Game

The goal of the Cover Your Assets game is to acquire $1,000,000 in assets, and the first one millionaire wins. Someone usually wins within three rounds, but when we’re short on time it’s still fun to play just one quick hand. Each asset card is worth the value listed on the card, and the wild cards are each worth $25,000 (silver) or $50,000 (gold); although, in play they are equally powerful.

One interesting side note about the Cover Your Assets game: my mother’s maiden name is Beck; so I actually have a Grandpa Beck! He passed away years ago, but it’s kind of fun to play this Grandpa Beck’s game. I can’t help but think of him every time we play the Cover Your Assets game with our family.

Our Family's Favorite Card Game - here's how to play the Cover Your Assets game via @pagingsupermom

How To Make Matches - Parent's Review of the Cover Your Assets Game via @PagingSupermom

During the Cover Your Assets game, each player builds a stack of assets in front of them, placing pairs of cards, one on top of the other, alternating the direction each set is stacked. You can add assets to your pile by making pairs out of the cards in your hand or drawing a card from the discard pile. However, it’s way more exciting to steal assets from other players, and this is also how assets can quickly build in value.

You can add assets to your pile by making pairs out of the cards in your hand, but it’s way more exciting to steal assets from other players.

It’s all fun and games until one of YOUR assets get taken! Other players can only snatch the top set of assets from your pile, so if you’ve got a particularly valuable set of assets you’ll want to quickly cover your assets; hence the name of the Cover Your Assets game. For all the details on how to get other players’ cards check out the full Cover Your Assets game rules over on Grandpa Beck’s website.

There are 10 different kinds of assets to collect — notice the names. It can become particularly amusing when you’re “stealing” a “Piggy Bank” from your own child; especially, if that Piggy Bank is worth $50,000 or more!

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Educational Benefits of the Cover Your Assets Game

The Cover Your Assets game also provides some interesting educational opportunities. I love seeing my kids all excited to add up their assets at the end of a round. The younger ones need a bit of help, but it’s a great way to teach and practice skip counting, making tens and place value. My kids are also developing critical thinking skills as they strategize the smartest way to play their hands in the Cover Your Assets game. It’s really quite droll to be outwitted by your four year old!

I’d be willing to bet all the “Cash Under the Mattress” that once you and your family play a few rounds of this game; you’ll be hooked too.

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  1. Great game. But…why are there 2 different versions and they are not denoted differently? I purchased a set online and found it’s different than the one my son brought home to play with us, I’m disappointed bc i wanted the same one and apparently the other one is hard to find.


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