What Should I Do?

One of my BFFs sent me this picture yesterday, and it got me thinking: when will you decorate for Christmas?


If you follow us on Facebook you’d know from my and my Mom’s Anniversary Sale shopping spree back in July that Nordstrom is my favoritest store of all time! (And for the record, I was just there with some BFFs for Girls Day Out on Saturday, so how did I miss this sign?) But anyway, we discussed when we should put up our Christmas trees. I mean we like to give proper respect and appreciation to Thanksgiving, yet we also like to be prepared for the “official” start of Christmas—the day after Turkey.

Traditionally we set up our main Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, but I was considering decorating early this year… Hear me out:

Since I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving, we had been tinkering with the idea of putting up our main Christmas tree the weekend before. I mentioned yesterday that we just purchased a 12′ tree, which is 3′ taller than our old tree. I’m having a hard time deciphering exactly how many more ornaments I need to fill it. (Or should I start from scratch and buy all new decorations? Ahh, too many decisions!) So, I had mostly talked Clint into supporting early decorating UNTIL I saw this sign. I mean, when I saw that my trusted Nordstrom was holding back… I’m having second thoughts. If they can decorate in one day, surely I can, too, right?

So tell me Supermoms, when will you be decorating for Christmas?


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11 thoughts on “What Should I Do?”

  1. We usually get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We are pretty minimal decorators — just the tree, stockings, and a few other odds and ends. I somehow manage to cram 1000+ lights onto our 8 ft. tree every year, and it takes FOREVER, but always looks beautiful.

  2. Hmm, usually we have our tree up within the week after Thanksgiving. I like to celebrate one holiday at a time as well. It’s only fair that way. :D

    BUT Nordstrom needs to double check their dates because November 27th of this year does NOT land on a Friday… it’s actually a Sunday. :)

  3. Oh you poor Americans! Canadians are so lucky. Our Thanksgiving is in early October and it is plum perfect! The weather is glorious and very fall like and enjoyable and then we have ample time to anticipate the next big holiday.
    We traditionally begin doing Christmas-y things when Advent begins (Nov. 27th, this year). We keep fall decorations up until mid-november and then we start with the outdoor urns,wreaths etc. Christmas lights are already up (we do that when the weather is nice) but they don’t get turned on until Advent begins.

  4. I say do what makes you happy! I have already decorated my guest bedroom in the basement because my daughter and I wanted to do it. And we had fun! I sneak in once a day to take it all in…I will wait to put the tree up until the day after Thanksgiving this year–only because I’m hosting. But I say, go ahead! It’s such an ordeal getting everything decorated, so I like to enjoy it as long as I can.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Traditionally we put up our Christmas Tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That allows us the day after Thanksgiving to recover and enjoy the last of the autumn decor before we bring in Christmas. Of course, we have a Harvest Tree up so we take down autumn and make it Christmas. As for Christmas music? We have been playing our favorite songs on and off since November 1st while working on making our gifts for our loved ones for Christmas.

    If you are not hosting Thanksgiving, why not put up your Christmas tree early? It isn’t taking away from Thanksgiving – it is adding to Christmas and helping keep the “rush” out of this very special time of year.

  6. I don’t start decorating for Christmas usually until Dec. 1st. Seems late to most ppl. but I like each holiday to have their own time. Everyone has their own way though! (I do hate when store start displays for X-mas before Halloween!!!)

  7. I usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving and keep it all up until Three Kings Day in January. This year I was tempted to decorate early since my new 12’tree is still sitting on the porch from its UPS delivery, but I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so I can’t.


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