Ready for the Reindeer Games

I am so excited for our kids to get out of school for holiday break tomorrow — just as excited as the kids. I’m looking forward to a looser schedule and some fun family time. With that idea in mind, I actually saved everything from our photo shoot of this Pinecone Toss game. We shared the game at Celebration Shoppe last week, including our free printable Reindeer Games Official Point Signs. It is such a simple game to throw together, but I know our family is going to have a lot of fun with it!

Pine Cone Toss Game with #FreePrintables from Great for holiday class parties at school

TO MAKE: You’ll need some pinecones (or snowballs?), a few buckets, and our free printable point value signs taped onto long barbecue skewers. We also spray painted one pinecone gold, and let players know that the golden pinecone is worth double the points!

TO PLAY: This game can be adapted for indoor or outdoor play. Keep it tame for the classroom or living room by lining buckets up and having kids take turns tossing. Head outside and lengthen the distance pinecones need to be tossed — then even the adults will enjoy getting involved. (Just how strong is Superdad’s arm?) If you’re enjoying a white Christmas then play this same game with snow balls instead!

Pine Cone Toss Game with #FreePrintables from Great for holiday class parties at school

Pine Cone Toss Game with #FreePrintables from Great for holiday class parties at school

Ta-da! You’ve just created a Supermom Moment! Want more? We have loads of other fun Christmas ideas and free printables.

:: Download the Free Official Point Value Signs


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