Snow Day


With my family’s first annual ski trip coming up, snow is on our mind here. I spent a few minutes brainstorming and floating around various websites to get some fun snow ideas to incorporate into our busy week. Here are a few fun ideas that are on our winter activity list:

* Watercolor Snowflakes * Using a white crayon, draw simple snowflake shapes onto white paper. Have your kids paint the paper with water colors, and the snowflakes will shine through.

* Cut Snowflakes * What kid isn’t excited at the thought of using scissors? I know, right? So, bring on some snowflakes! We used origami paper for ours because it’s thinner and easier to cut through several layers. String snowflakes together to make some garland; hang them from your dining room light fixture or simply tape them to your windows. Find a very simple snowflake solution here and more advanced snowflake directions here.

* Puffed Snow Art * Mix an equal amount of flour, salt and water for your kids to paint a snowman. As the measurements suggest, this is quite wet….so I highly recommend using thick paper or cardboard. Although it looks a little nasty, it dries puffy and sparkly—just like snow! (We used construction paper, and it worked just fine, but it would look better on thicker paper.)

* Cotton Ball Blizzard * Give each kiddo a straw then lay out some cotton balls on a table or on the floor. Using the straw, blow the cotton snowballs across the table or room. Race to see who can blow their snowball across the table first. Make an obstacle course with plastic cups for the kiddos to blow the snowballs around. Forget blowing bubbles in the milk, my boys are now addicted to seeing what else they can blow across the table. (Good thing their blows aren’t too powerful!)

* Carpet Skating * Heather, a Supermom of two from Chesapeake Beach, MD, shared a great idea for indoor carpet skating. Wearing just socks on your feet, wrap wax paper over the socks and secure with scrunchies. Now skate on your carpet. She explains, “Be careful, it’s really slippery… but super fun!” If you don’t have wax paper handy or if you prefer something less slippery, parchment paper may used in place of wax paper.

* Indoor Snowball Fight * Crumple up a few sheets of white paper to resemble a snow ball, then fight, fight, fight! You may have to set up a few ground rules since this is an indoor snowball fight, but it is sure to bring some giggles!

* Hot Chocolate * No snowball fight is complete without a cup of hot chocolate! Trying to be healthier? Try this homemade recipe.

* Snow Play * If you have snow, bundle up and build some mini snowmen. Or fill a squeeze bottle with water, add a few drops of food coloring and squirt your name in snow! If you don’t have snow, check out instant snow—this stuff is awesome!


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6 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. We have plenty of snow with more falling all day long. Come on up for some REAL snow! And bring those two adorable little boys with you.

  2. Great ideas — if only we could really have snow days! You know, we don’t get heat days… that doesn’t seem fair! I think I’ll try the snowball fight this am. I think that’s the perfect thing for the boys to play WITH their father :)

  3. Great ideas! We just did a snowflake/snowman themed preschool lesson this last week and here a few of the fun things we did. Snowflake snack- take a tortilla and fold it in half, then in thirds. Have the kids bite around the edges and then open back up to see their snowflake. You can then top with butter & cinnamon or cheese if desired. Snowstorm- Place cotton balls and/or waded paper on top of a small blanket. Have everyone grab an edge then on the count of 3 shake the blanket sending all the snow flying. Naturally this eventually leads to a “snowball” fight. Snowmen dessert- Make a small round scoop of vanilla ice cream then place back in the freezer to harden. Once hardened, top with large marshmallow and a top hat made from a cookie and gumdrop. We used white frosting to “glue” it all together. Draw face with food markers and arms can be pretzel sticks inserted in the marshmallow.


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