How to Make a Globe

When Liam brought his papier-mâché globe home from school I was thrilled for many reasons. First it was one of the coolest kindergarten projects ever — his class had literally spent months making their globes working a little each day as they learned about all the oceans, continents, etc. Secondly, Bettijo and I had just been asked to plan an Earth Day party photo shoot for, and I was totally inspired by Liam’s globe project.

Free Printable Globe Labels for Making Your Own World Ball Globe Earth

As the centerpiece for our BLOOM & GROW Earth Day party I ended up creating a slightly larger version of Liam’s globe and used a punching ball rather than normal balloon to achieve more of a sphere shape. Learn how to make your own globe (including links to download our free printable continents and ocean labels) over at

P.S. If Liam’s overwhelming affection towards his handmade World is any indication, this is a project your kids will ADORE!

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    • Do it! My boys LOVED this. What’s not to love about a big mess that turns into an awesome globe? Ha! Let us know if you do it, Erika!

  1. We’re been searching for a vintage globe for months but they always seem so expensive. Never considered making our own – looks such fun!

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