Books Alive: SkippyJon Jones

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Our friend Heather from WhipperBerry stopped by today to be part of our Books Alive Summer Reading Series, which means we’re in for a treat. Heather always shares amazing recipes, and this one already has my mouth watering. Take it away Heather…

I am so excited to be here on Paging Supermom today!! I’m a HUGE fan of these talented ladies and I adore this series that they’ve put together this summer.

I, like many moms out there, LOVE to read to my kiddos, but I especially love to read to my kiddos when the book is just as entertaining to me as it is to the little ones. One of our favorite books is SkippyJon Jones! It’s about a precocious little kitten who thinks he’s a Chihuahua! Using his best spanish accent he says,” My ears are too beeg for my head. My head ees too beef for my body. I am not a Siamese Cat… I’m a Chihuahua!!” Donning a Zorro like mask, he heads off to have all kinds of adventures quietly singing… ” My name is Skippitto Friskito. (clap-clap) I fear not a single bandito. (clap-clap) My manners are mellow, I’m sweet like the Jell-o, I get the job done, yes indeed-o. (clap-clap)”

You can’t help but fall in love with sweet Skippito! The best part, I’m just as entertained as my kiddos are. Now, I have a four-year-old, little guy who reminds me soooo much of SkippyJon. One minute he’s a monkey, the next he’s a puppy! We decided, in honor of SkippyJon, we were going to make SkippyJon Jones Churros in a Flashito…

#Skippy JonJones loves Churros and this is such an easy recipe via @PagingSupermom

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Let It Snow Printable

Let It Snow Sign

OK, we promise to cool it with the decoupage posts for a while… after today! Sorry it’s just that after FINALLY figuring out how to Mod Podge without getting wrinkles we’ve been having all kinds of fun with it. We even brainstormed a Mod Podge sign a month (should we do it???), but we swear no more of these projects for at least the month of January.

Free Printable "Let It Snow" Sign at

We just couldn’t stop, though, without sharing this sparkly Let It Snow sign. We used the matte Mod Podge to glue the sign to the board, but we finished it off with a coat of the glittery Sparkle Mod Podge. We love this stuff because you get a glitter effect without any of the messy side effects of using actual glitter.

Free Printable "Let It Snow" Sign at

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Pretty Functional


As I’ve mentioned before, this year’s cold and flu season really took a toll on both Aimée and my families. I felt especially bad for little Modette while she had her cold — such a big cough for such a little body. Since there are really no safe over-the-counter cough medicines for children under two, sadly there is not much parents can do to help when baby has a cold. It is hard not to do *something* though and most pediatricians recommend putting a humidifier in baby’s room.

The Prettiest Humidifers & Learn How to Clean a Humidifier at #humidifiers #babynursery #colds

If you’ve ever purchased a humidifier you know there are loads of options. The biggest consideration is whether to buy a Vaporizer -vs- Humidifier.

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Snow Day

With my family’s first annual ski trip coming up, snow is on our mind here. I spent a few minutes …

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