Arizona Snow Day

Real snowflakes are hard to come by in Phoenix, which means we’re super excited about the Arizona Snow Day feature we created for local Raising Arizona Kids magazine. These ideas would make for a fun play date or family night wherever you are and whatever the weather.

AZSnowDay for Raising Arizona Kids Magazine

How about a rousing snowball fight using recycled paper snowballs? You could even use leftover wrapping paper with the white side facing out. Instead of paper, roll up and tuck socks into spheres then let the balls fly!

For an after-fight snack you can only have one thing — hot cocoa, of course! Add a pinch of cinnamon and chili powder to your family’s favorite hot chocolate recipe for a truly Southwestern feel. Serve the cocoa with tortilla snowflakes. To make: fold up a tortilla and cut (or bite!) shapes out then carefully unfold to reveal your snowflake. Dab with a small amount of melted butter then heat on a griddle until it begins to brown. Sprinkle the tortilla with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar and serve warm.

We’ve got more Snow Day ideas here!

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  1. I think this would make a pretty cool snowball fight for my daughters Frozen birthday party! Phew, I’m becoming more and more reliefed on making this party happen!



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