How to Cut Perfect Snowflakes

My kids love to cut out snowflakes using the good, old method where you fold up paper and cut out a bunch of chunks then open it up to reveal the surprising shape. It’s fun to wonder as you are cutting how the snowflake is going to look, and so exciting as you unfold it!

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While cutting random snowflakes is a great activity for a wintry day, there have been times as an adult that I’ve wished I knew just where to cut so I can get a perfect snowflake, and then be able to repeat that same snowflake over and over again. Several years ago I made a couple of really beautiful snowflakes, which I quickly folded back up so I could trace a cutting template. I have used this template again and again to make perfect, repeatable snowflakes.

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Today I’m sharing my method for making perfect snowflakes that can be taped up on a window, strung on a garland or scattered at a party (Go see the Frozen Birthday Party we created with these snowflakes!). I wanted to post this tutorial before Christmas, but Aimée and I ran out of time to shoot the photos. However many of our friends out in Virginia are having a crazy amount of snow days with their kids home from school; so we figured someone might still appreciate us sharing this knowledge. Of course, be sure to pin this post as well so you will have it handy for Christmas next year!

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HOW TO MAKE A PERFECT SNOWFLAKE: (1) Begin by cutting your paper down to a square. We trimmed regular copier paper to be 8.5×8.5, and our templates are sized for this, but you can use this same idea to make snowflakes any size. (2) Fold the paper in half and crease. (3) Fold the paper in half again and use the tip of your finger to mark the top of the crease, which is your halfway point. Unfold so you’re back at the half in step two. (4) Fold both ends inward in thirds, so they come to a point at the mark you made in step three. (5) The gives you a peek at the perfect thirds you want. (6) Once you have this sort of triangle shape, crease well, and you’re done folding! (7) Trace the shapes of one of our snowflake cutting templates onto your folded paper. (8) Cut out the shapes. We use sharp, detail scissors, but a craft knife can also be handy for cutting out shapes in the middle of the paper.

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How to Make Perfect Snowflakes at

How to Make Perfect Snowflakes at

:: Download our Snowflake Cutting Template

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  1. Gorgeous!! ALL my snowflakes have worked out perfectly! I am using them to make snowflakes to sew onto a Frozen canopy that I am making for my daughters 7th birthday present! Many thanks for a easy to understand and brilliant tutorial – well done!!

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