Box Game Boredom Buster


We’ve been on a Box Game kick lately. I’m not sure what it is about this simple game that makes it so amusing, yet my boys seem to pull out paper to start making dots in our down time. You remember this game, right? Taking turns with your childhood BFF, making small lines to connect dots, all in the hope of creating squares? Yup, that one. (I always thought it was the Dot Game not Box Game. Whatever!)

Anyway, apparently my boys are tired of making dots because they just asked for me to “whip up” a printable. (Whip up? As if they have any clue how long this does or doesn’t take. But for the record, this printable took approximately 6 working minutes but about 23 real minutes. That’s what happens when they “help.”)

I debated not making this Dot Game printable, as I see many benefits of them charting their own dots. But I get it — sometimes you just want to PLAY. So I caved. And here’s our Box Game Printable.

Of course, if you prefer your kids to make their own charted dots, you could print our Graph Paper Printable to help them line up their dots. Just an idea…

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