TV, ALT & Snow!

How to Have an Arizona Snow Day via @PagingSupermom

This is going to be a busy week for me. Today I’m headed down to the local NBC studio to appear on Arizona Midday at 12:30 pm — I’m sharing some fun ideas for an AZ Snow Day. Then later this week I get to see the real white stuff up in Salt Lake City, where I’m speaking at ALT Summit. I’ll be sharing tips for how to work with traditional media. It’s been fun to dig through some of my old college notes — I studied public relations and journalism at BYU.

Round Up of Snowy Fun from @PagingSupermom

As for snow, obviously we don’t get much here in Phoenix so we have to MAKE it snow! In fact, snow and ice are such a rarity that a few weeks ago, when the temperature dipped below freezing during the night, my kids brought big chunks of ice found on their outdoor toys and insisted that we bag it up to save. I’m pretty sure it’s still sitting in the freezer. Then we used our shaved ice machine to make snow. That works well, but I realize shaved ice machines might be hard to come by, so here are some other fun ideas to make believe with snow…

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Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas: Snowball Tower

Birthday Cake Idea for a Frozen Birthday Party at #frozen

We loved Disney’s Frozen movie and were inspired with a bunch of Frozen birthday party ideas. We have almost got everything ready to share, but today we are offering a sneak peek with this Frozen birthday cake idea and tutorial.

Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas at #frozen

I’ve been calling this delicious tower of snowball goodness Elsa’s Frozen Blizzard Birthday Cake, and although it looks fantastic, it is deceptively easy to pull off. Inspired by the French classic Croquembouche dessert, only our snowball donut tower cake requires NO baking, NO frosting, and it really couldn’t be easier!

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How to Cut Perfect Snowflakes

How to Cut Perfect Snowflakes at

My kids love to cut out snowflakes using the good, old method where you fold up paper and cut out a bunch of chunks then open it up to reveal the surprising shape. It’s fun to wonder as you are cutting how the snowflake is going to look, and so exciting as you unfold it!

How to Cut Perfect Snowflakes at

While cutting random snowflakes is a great activity for a wintry day, there have been times as an adult that I’ve wished I knew just where to cut so I can get a perfect snowflake, and then be able to repeat that same snowflake over and over again. Several years ago I made a couple of really beautiful snowflakes, which I quickly folded back up so I could trace a cutting template. I have used this template again and again to make perfect, repeatable snowflakes.

How to Cut Perfect Snowflakes at

Today I’m sharing my method for making perfect snowflakes that can be taped up on a window, strung on a garland or scattered at a party (Go see the Frozen Birthday Party we created with these snowflakes!). I wanted to post this tutorial before Christmas, but Aimée and I ran out of time to shoot the photos. However many of our friends out in Virginia are having a crazy amount of snow days with their kids home from school; so we figured someone might still appreciate us sharing this knowledge. Of course, be sure to pin this post as well so you will have it handy for Christmas next year!

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Let It Snow Printable

Free Printable "Let It Snow" Sign at

OK, we promise to cool it with the decoupage posts for a while… after today! Sorry it’s just that after FINALLY figuring out how to Mod Podge without getting wrinkles we’ve been having all kinds of fun with it. We even brainstormed a Mod Podge sign a month (should we do it???), but we swear no more of these projects for at least the month of January.

Free Printable "Let It Snow" Sign at

We just couldn’t stop, though, without sharing this sparkly Let It Snow sign. We used the matte Mod Podge to glue the sign to the board, but we finished it off with a coat of the glittery Sparkle Mod Podge. We love this stuff because you get a glitter effect without any of the messy side effects of using actual glitter.

Free Printable "Let It Snow" Sign at

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Let it Snow

Learn how to make snow from bar soap at #snow #winter #kidscraft

Learn how to make snow from bar soap at #snow #winter #kidscraft

Since we live in Phoenix, we have to make our own snow fun (see what we’ve done in the past here and here). So you can imagine our excitement when we learned a trick for making a fluffy pile of snowflakes with nothing more than a bar of Ivory soap and a microwave.

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