A Simple Day

bubble stomp

Yesterday happened to be a rare day—I had nothing planned. No play date. No crucial trip to the grocery store. No appointments. For all intents and purposes, it was a FREE day. (Well, Liam did have school, and I did have to lead a weekly youth group activity; but let’s not get technical!) Days like this can go 1 of 3 ways:

1) I feel like we’re cooped up and I make an excuse to go somewhere unnecessary—usually TJMaxx or Target where I proceed to buy unnecessary things.
2) The day is incredibly long because my boys feel the need to go somewhere, and I spend the entire time trying to convince them otherwise.
3) I play, laugh, read and craft with my boys and wish time would go slower.

Today was the latter…we had so much fun doing nothing together. In fact, the highlight of my day was *popping* packaging bubbles. (Thanks, Mom! The package arrived just in time.) I’ve never seen my boys so excited to jump and stomp.

Next time you have a free day, pull out some bubbles from your latest online order… you’re guaranteed lots of smiles and giggles.


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3 thoughts on “A Simple Day”

  1. What a fun day!! My boys go NUTS for bubble wrap (they love to hit the back aisle at Container Store – it’s nearly impossible to keep them from popping future-owners bubbles!!) If we were smart, we’d get them each a roll and a box for Christmas and we could forget any other gifts! That’s what they play with the longest anyways :)


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