Just Right

Tie dye is so unpredictable, and when things haven’t turned out as I hope I find myself cursing the name …

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Moms Must Have…

What are the things that you can’t live without? I don’t mean water and air. Beyond the basic necessities, what …

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Foody Beauty: Papaya Body Mask

I can think of few things more indulgent than a body mask, but I can think of a whole lot of things that I should be saving or spending money on rather than a trip to the spa. Times may be rough, but you can still enjoy super-soft skin with this recipe for a homemade body mask.

Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that helps to soften skin and aid digestion. It is also a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids, which help exfoliate skin leaving you supple and smooth.

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Spa Pedicure at Home

Treat Your Feet. They take plenty of abuse, so take a few minutes (seven to be exact and give your kicks a little TLC with our five-step home pedicure.