Gone Pink!

As promised, here are photos of the final masterpiece that is our girls’ room:

The window valance was the result of a very pleasant first experience with Etsy’s custom forum called Alchemy. The process was simple. I posted a new request for someone to sew curtains for me. The form allowed me to describe the project and even name a target price. Using Google, I’d found a picture of a valance I liked and included that with my request. It was fun to read each sewer’s bid as they came in, and, within a day, I had received seven different offers, many for under my target price. I ended up going with a sewer who had matched my target price and lived only 45 minutes from my house (what luck!).

I’m thinking this custom section on Etsy is going to come in very handy.

Bettijo Bridges

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10 thoughts on “Gone Pink!”

  1. Love the room! I will be doing a “pink” room for my 4 year-old soon, and would love to know the paint color you used. I think it’s fantastic (as is the rest of the room).

  2. Ooops – never mind – found the paint color in a previous post!! Just curious – when it is sunny, is it blinding? My daughter’s room gets the sun so I don’t want it to be to overpowering, but the pale, pastel pinks are not really my thing and I’d love to go with this color.

  3. Laura, my girls’ room isn’t terribly sunny because there is a big tree out in front, but I actually think the “Invitation to a Princess” color looks better the brighter the room is. During the day I like to pull up their blinds completely so the light can pour in, so I think this color would look good in a sunny room.

    S Lennon, the mirrors were a lucky find at a model home furniture sale I stumbled onto a few years ago. In our old house, I had the mirrors above the bed in our master bedroom. I really loved them in our room so I resisted at first, but they were just too perfect for this room so I am going to have to figure out something else for above our bed.

  4. I love that you let your little girl have pink. I’m reading a bunch of design posts on getting your daughter to choose anything other than pink. My mom let us pick our own colors, design our own rooms. I do the same with my kids. I don’t love what they pick out, but they do…and that’s what matters. I also think it is part of what made each of us creative in our own way.

    Nice job! Kudos to you, Mom!


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