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As we head into the cozy fall months, it’s fun to remember our summer adventures. So when Shutterfly asked us to create some home decor inspired by our recent travels, I knew exactly what vacations I wanted to be reminded of daily.

We travel quite a bit as a family, but some trips definitely turn out better than others. However, we’ve never regretted a vacation — when things don’t go as planned, we simply call it an adventure! And, as it turns out, my family LOVES a good adventure.

Shutterfly-Home-Decor-Living-Room 1

I just adore our new inspirational pillow and soft fleece blanket ensemble on our living room couch. This quote is exactly how I picture married life: a beautiful adventure with my best friend and our kids. It’s a fabulous daily reminder for me that, just like some trips, when things don’t go as planned, it’s simply another adventure.

Shutterfly-Home-Decor-Living-Room 4

To create the pillow, you can download our artwork below then upload it to the Shutterfly site. It’s simple, and Shutterfly will guide you along.

I used the same adventure quote graphic for the 5×5 acrylic block, and I love it paired with the 5×7 acrylic block of our San Francisco biking adventure. (If you’re ever visiting San Francisco, we highly recommend biking across the Golden Gate Bridge!)

Shutterfly-Home-Decor-Living-Room 3

We didn’t stop there. To carryout the travel and adventure theme, I used the 11×17 placemat to line the wooden tray on our ottoman. (The TV remotes have to go somewhere, right?) I love how the placemats have a thick laminated protective covering — it makes for easy cleanup of spilled food or drink rings.

To create the tray liner, download our 11×17 50 States artwork below and upload it to the Shutterfly site. We ordered the 11×17 placemat with the artwork.

Shutterfly-Home-Decor-Living-Room 2

Shutterfly-Home-Decor-Living-Room 5-CROP

Our snuggly fleece blanket is my favorite adventure project. I created this fun typographical image using zip codes from our most memorable adventures. I love how personal the throw is while still coordinating with the rest of my home decor.

To create the fleece blanket, type up zip codes onto a white background. I used black, oversized numbers with this font. I included 4 zip codes — although, you could easily fit more or less to fill the space. Upload your jpg to the Shutterfly site, and you’re set to order.

Shutterfly-Home-Decor-Living-Room 7

Download the artwork featured in this post here.

Shutterfly is giving away a $200 gift card! To enter, visit the Shutterfly site then come back and tell us what you want to order for your home.

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  1. I love Shutterfly, I usually make the photo books, but I have loved looking through all the decor! I would make some pillows and some placemats!

  2. I would love to do some wood wall art and canvas prints. I also love the simple scripts pillows, and as always the photo books are great!

  3. Wow, so many fun things!! I would love to revamp my living room or bedroom with some fun pillows, acrylic photo blocks or any wall prints but the ornaments are adorable for the coming holidays!

  4. i would get a table runner. the floral leaves monogram one is really cool. and there is a font that actually looks like my grandma’s handwriting so it would look so sweet…
    love shutterfly!

  5. I LOVE Shutterfly…I have it pinned to my favorites bar and seem to always be working on a project. Right now I am loving their pillows and would love to order some of those!!!

  6. I’d like to make a quilt for my grandma with pics of her great granddaughters on it. I’d also like to make some of the wall decals for my home.


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