Modette’s Nursery

I finally got around to actually taking pictures of Modette’s nursery! I shared the inspiration board ions ago, and I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to show how it all turned out.

Old 3D Art that is super cool #janeausten #literature #3Dart

First I wanted to share this incredible piece of art that my Grandfather picked up for me. It was really the inspiration piece for the whole room. It is clearly old, although we don’t know much about its origins, but I’m told that this sort of embellished, 3D artwork was very popular way back when. Does anyone even know what these pieces are called? Anyway, I love the little pearl earring and real bits of lace and trim on the dress. That book she’s reading I’m sure must be a Jane Austen.

My Grandfather said when he saw it, he thought of me, and when I saw it, I knew it was the baby’s room inspiration I’d been looking for! It went perfectly well too with my budding collection of the Penguin Clothbound Classics. Aren’t they lovely?

Penguin Clothbound Classics and Letterpress Type #letterpress #penguinclassics

I’m also a big fan of letterpress, and a jar filled with the vintage wood type I’ve collected seemed very fitting in this room.

Book Page Mobile #literature #mobiles #nurserydecor

I absolutely adored the book page garlands that Aimée & Dana used to create the food table backdrop for my baby shower, and I was so excited to use them as a mobile over the bookcase in the baby’s room. They look amazing, and I think have the feel of a modern art installation. We did have to get used to the bit of rustling that you can hear when the fan or air conditioner are running, but it doesn’t bother us.

Love Penguin Clothbound Classics and Pink Owl #owls #penguinclothboundclassics

If you remember from the baby shower, the pages in the garland hung more straight and stiff then, but when we had a humid snap over the summer they all started drooping and curling. At first I was heartbroken that they were “ruined,” but as is the case with most art installations — patinas are good — nature seems to know what’s best, and I truly love the more sculptural look they have now.

Love the texture of this book page mobile #books #babymobiles

I was thinking of adding white, wood moldings to the wall behind the crib to add some visual interest and a bit of historical styling. I wasn’t totally sure though, and my husband wasn’t excited about the work involved. Somewhere I got an idea to do faux molding using painter’s tape. It worked out beautifully! I actually think it was the perfect solution since I wanted some old fashioned touches in the room, but I generally love a more clean, modern vibe. I think this faux trim is the perfect marriage of the two.

Sophisticated Baby Crib inspired by Jane Austen #damask #dot #cribbedding

I wanted a pop of that aqua color in the room. At first I was thinking of purchasing a velvet, tufted ottoman, but it wasn’t the right scale. Then my mom found this old wood rocking horse at a garage sale. It was stained brown, but Superdad applied a couple coats of Martha Stewart’s Lagoon paint, and pop of aqua accomplished!

I recruited Superdad’s own Supermom (or should I say Super-Grandma?) to sew the crib skirt and bumper. She is a fantastic seamstress and they turned out just as I’d imagined. I think the luxurious, double-faced satin bows are one of my favorite touches in the room.

Satin Bows and Polka Dot Baby Bumper #polkadot #babybumper #cribbedding

Another baby shower decoration that I re-purposed in the baby’s room were the paper chain garlands. Since we already had wood blinds for privacy, I decided to hang the paper chains asymmetrically over the window instead of a valance. I think they look darling, and it’s even better when you consider all you need is some paper cut into strips and a stapler to make them! Has to be one of the easiest window treatments ever.

Can't Sew? No problem! Easy Paper Chain window treatments #nosew #windowtreatments #paperchain

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  1. Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard

    The 3D is weird for me because I grew up staring at the plain painting in my grandmother’s guest room where I played all the time.

    Thought our family had lost the picture after she passed away until I saw it 6 months later in a pub in England while I was studying abroad. When I came home 2 months later waving the photo at family members (back in the dark ages of 1994 when digital cameras and e-mail weren’t as in as now), it turned out my grandmother had repurposed the frame with a new photo and my father remembered the frame.

    Anyway, there’s my connection to the centerpiece for your daughter’s nursery. May she love Fragonard as I do.


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