Side Ponytail Obsession


Back in college I would order clothes from the J.Crew catalog. It was always a good day when it arrived via mail. With the internet (and a nearby J.Crew store), I had totally forgotten about the actual catalog until one showed up in my mailbox the other day. It brought a smile to my face. I quickly turned on a show for my boys and buried my head in the catalog. (For the record: not a Supermom Moment!)

A lot has changed since those college days—nonetheless, I think I’ve evolved along with J.Crew because I still like (and buy) many of their clothes.

But the best part of the whole catalog was seeing most of the models sporting a low side ponytail! That is my signature go-to hair style for the past year or two. It’s SO easy and quite versatile! In fact, I recently stumbled upon this tutorial for the classic J.Crew-esque messy side ponytail featured throughout the catalog. Since the first step calls for unwashed hair, I thought it was the perfect style for a Supermom!

One last thought: Since we’re talking about J.Crew, don’t you just love the Jenna’s Picks feature? (If you’re unfamiliar, she selects one article of clothing then photographs several women wearing that piece in their own style.) Isn’t it amazing (and refreshing, actually) how one garment can look so different on each person?

Enough obsessing about a silly catalog… but I’m dying to know, what is your go-to hair do?


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8 thoughts on “Side Ponytail Obsession”

  1. I often pull my curls up into a messy bun. With the texture of my curls, I’ve figured out that if I twist and tuck the bun will stay in place without hairpins or rubber bands — so it’s literally something I can do at any second!

  2. I just recently chopped most of my hair off into a bob, but prior to that I was super obsessed with messy topknots! You need a lot of hair but it’s really different and chic — not to mention easy to do!

  3. Yeah, pretty much just chopped my hair off BUT one thing still holds its place in my wardrobe… the baseball hat ;) Though normally it’s just a Red Sox hat, I do have a few ‘dressier’ models for those needed days. Nothing covers ‘dirty’ better than a hat :)


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