I Wish You Gold!

Let me begin by saying that I love silver. It is my default metal, and I will always prefer it for anything permanent. Last year when we created the gold and plum Thanksgiving decor (see below), I was excited, but figured I’d be tired of gold pretty quickly. Fast forward a year, and I still have a healthy appreciation for gold. In fact, here are some fabulous gold goodies that have caught my eye lately. A few have even made it on my Christmas Wish List, and all but one are under $20!

I'm adding this fab #Gold goodies to my #Christmas Wish List found @PagingSupermom

ONE Oh Joy! Cookie Cutters :: TWO Toot Sweet Stripe Plates :: THREE Polyhedron Ring :: FOUR Fatima Dress Making Scissors :: FIVE Swingline Stapler :: SIX Foil Swiss Dot Pencils

Love the adorable pear placecard and easy stamped napkins for Thanksgiving

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